Members of the Columbia Law School faculty are available to comment on a wide range of subjects, both on the record and for background information.

Please review our online directory below, organized by topic, to find the expert who can best address your needs. You may contact the professor directly (contact information is included with their bios on the website) or contact the Office of Public Affairs for assistance.

Please note that this list does not represent the entirety of the Columbia Law faculty. Please email us at [email protected] if you need further assistance, including queries pertaining to Columbia Law School more generally.

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Administrative LawMark Barenberg, Jessica Bulman-PozenJeffrey GordonPhilip Hamburger, Kathryn Judge, Jeremy Kessler, Lev MenandThomas Merrill, Gillian Metzger*
AntitrustAnu Bradford, Lina Khan*, Petros Mavroidis, Tim Wu
ArbitrationGeorge Bermann, Petros Mavroidis
Banking and Financial RegulationJohn Coffee Jr., Jeffrey Gordon, Kathryn Judge, Lev MenandKatharina Pistor
BankruptcyJohn Coffee Jr., Ronald Mann, Edward Morrison
Campaign FinanceRichard Briffault
Capital Punishment and Death PenaltyJeffrey Fagan, Bernard Harcourt, James Liebman
Child Advocacy/Juvenile JusticeJeffrey Fagan, Philip GentyJosh Gupta-Kagan
Chinese Law and PoliticsBenjamin Liebman
Civil Procedure and LitigationAlexandra Carter, John Coffee Jr., Suzanne Goldberg*, Olatunde Johnson, Colleen ShanahanSusan Sturm
Civil RightsAmber Baylor, Kimberlé Williams Crenshaw, Jeffrey Fagan, Katherine Franke, Maeve Glass, Suzanne Goldberg*, Olatunde Johnson, Elora Mukherjee, Susan Sturm, Kendall Thomas
Class ActionsJohn Coffee Jr.
Climate ChangeMichael Burger, Michael Gerrard, Camille Pannu
Constitutional LawAshraf AhmedKate AndriasMark Barenberg, Philip Bobbitt, Katherine Franke, Suzanne Goldberg*, Jamal Greene*, Philip Hamburger, Madhav KhoslaGillian Metzger*, David Pozen, Thomas P. SchmidtMatthew Waxman
ContractsZohar GoshenMichael Heller, Dorothy LundEdward Morrison, Eric Talley
CopyrightShyamkrishna BalganeshMala ChatterjeeJane Ginsburg, Philippa Loengard, Ronald Mann, Tim Wu
Corporate Law and GovernanceJohn Coffee Jr., Merritt Fox, Jeffrey Gordon, Kathryn Judge, Dorothy LundLev Menand, Joshua Mitts, Edward Morrison, Eric Talley
CorruptionRichard Briffault, John Coffee Jr., Daniel Richman, Jennifer Rodgers 
Criminal Law and ProcedureAmber BaylorJohn Coffee Jr.Jeffrey Fagan, Bernard Harcourt, James Liebman, Daniel Richman, Sarah Seo
CybersecurityDavid Pozen, Matthew Waxman
Data and the LawKellen Funk, Justin McCrary, Joshua Mitts, Christopher MortenEric Talley
Death Penalty and Capital PunishmentJeffrey Fagan, Bernard Harcourt, James Liebman
Disability LawElizabeth Emens
Economics and FinanceJagdish Bhagwati, John Coffee Jr., Merritt Fox, Talia GillisJeffrey Gordon, Kathryn Judge, Lev MenandJoshua Mitts, Edward Morrison, Katharina Pistor, Eric Talley
Education PolicyJames Liebman
Election Law and Voting RightsRichard Briffault, Olatunde Johnson
Employment and Labor LawKate AndriasMark Barenberg
EnergyMichael Burger, Michael GerrardThomas W. Merrill, David Schizer
Environmental LawMichael Burger, Michael Gerrard, Camille Pannu
European UnionGeorge Bermann, Anu Bradford, Petros Mavroidis, Katharina Pistor
Executive CompensationJohn Coffee Jr., Jeffrey Gordon
Family LawKatherine Franke, Philip GentyClare HuntingtonSuzanne Goldberg*, Josh Gupta-Kagan,  Carol Sanger
FederalismThomas MerrillJessica Bulman-Pozen, Olatunde Johnson, Gillian Metzger*, David Pozen
First AmendmentVincent Blasi, Tim Wu
Foreign PolicyPhilip Bobbitt, Michael Doyle, Monica HakimiMatthew Waxman
Freedom of Information ActChristopher MortenDavid Pozen
Freedom of Speech and The PressVincent Blasi, Jamal Greene*, David Pozen, Tim Wu
Gender and SexualityKimberlé Williams Crenshaw, Katherine Franke, Suzanne Goldberg*, Carol Sanger, Kendall Thomas
Health Law and Policy/Health JusticeChristopher Morten
HousingOlatunde Johnson
Human RightsSarah Cleveland, Sarah Knuckey, Colleen Shanahan
ImmigrationBernard Harcourt, Elora Mukherjee
ImpeachmentRichard Briffault, Jamal Greene*
Intellectual PropertyShyamkrishna BalganeshMala ChatterjeeJane Ginsburg, Lina Khan*, Philippa Loengard, Ronald Mann, Christopher MortenTim Wu
International LawSarah Cleveland, Michael Doyle, Monica HakimiSarah Knuckey, Matthew Waxman
Internet/Telecommunications PolicyTim Wu
Israeli Law and PoliticsZohar Goshen, David Schizer
Juvenile Justice/Child AdvocacyJosh Gupta-KaganJeffrey Fagan
Labor and Employment LawKate AndriasMark Barenberg
Legal HistoryAshraf AhmedMala ChatterjeeKellen Funk, Maeve Glass, Jeremy Kessler, Christina Duffy PonsaSarah Seo
MediationAlexandra Carter
Mergers and AcquisitionsJohn Coffee Jr., Jeffrey Gordon, Dorothy LundEric Talley
National Security LawPhilip Bobbitt, Mala ChatterjeeMichael Doyle, Monica HakimiDavid Pozen, Matthew Waxman
Patents and TrademarksShyamkrishna BalganeshJane GinsburgChristopher Morten
Prisoners' RightsAmber Baylor, Philip Genty
PropertyShyamkrishna Balganesh, Michael HellerThomas Merrill
Race and Social JusticeKimberlé Williams Crenshaw, Jeffrey Fagan, Katherine Franke, Suzanne Goldberg*, Olatunde Johnson, Elora Mukherjee, Sarah Seo, Colleen ShanahanSusan Sturm, Kendall Thomas
Religion and the LawKatherine Franke, Philip Hamburger
Reproductive RightsKatherine Franke, Suzanne Goldberg*, Carol Sanger
Securities Law and RegulationJohn Coffee Jr., Merritt Fox, Jeffrey Gordon, Zohar GoshenDorothy LundJoshua Mitts, Eric Talley
Sexuality and GenderKimberlé Williams Crenshaw, Katherine Franke, Suzanne Goldberg*, Carol Sanger, Kendall Thomas
Social MediaBernard Harcourt, Tim Wu
State and Local GovernmentRichard Briffault
Surveillance and PrivacyPhilip Bobbitt, Bernard HarcourtChristopher MortenDavid Pozen, Matthew Waxman, Tim Wu
Tax Law and PolicyMichael LoveAlex Raskolnikov, David Schizer
TradeJagdish Bhagwati, Anu Bradford, Petros Mavroidis, Katharina Pistor
United NationsSarah Cleveland, Michael Doyle, Sarah Knuckey
War PowersPhilip Bobbitt, Matthew Waxman
White Collar CrimeJohn Coffee Jr., Daniel Richman

* –  Denotes faculty members who are currently serving in the Biden administration and may not be available for interviews



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