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Academic Careers

As a premier research institution, Columbia Law offers extensive resources, counseling, programs, and support for students and alumni interested in exploring careers in legal academia. Columbia Law graduates hold positions at top schools across the globe. 

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Academic Fellows

The Academic Fellows Program supports future legal academics as they prepare to go on the law teaching job market through teaching opportunities, research and writing advisement, scholarship critique, and mentorship from Columbia Law faculty.

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Academic Scholars

The Academic Scholars Program identifies and provides academic and financial support for J.D. candidates with strong potential and ambition to become law professors.

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Careers in Law Teaching

The Careers in Law Teaching program guides students and alumni interested in an academic career with a broad range of programming, contacts, and essential resources to prepare for the highly competitive market of law school teaching.

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Recent Graduate Teaching Placements: 
Boston College Law School
Brigham Young University Law School
Columbia Law School
Cornell Law School
Georgetown University Law Center
The George Washington University Law School
Harvard Law School
King’s College London
Princeton University
Santa Clara Law School
University of California Berkeley School of Law
University of Pennsylvania Law School
University of Richmond School of Law
University of Texas at Austin School of Law
University of Washington School of Law
Villanova Law School
Wake Forest University Law School
Washington College of Law at American University
William and Mary Law School