Professor Maeve Glass gestures in front of a blackboard in front of a lecture hall.

Careers in Law Teaching

The program provides the resources you need to launch a career in legal academia.

The Careers in Law Teaching program provides students and graduates interested in an academic career with valuable tools, contacts, and experiences to prepare them for the highly competitive market of law school teaching. Professors work with students and graduates to develop their individual research agenda and scholarship in preparation for an academic career. 

This program is open to all students and alumni. Anyone with an interest in a career in legal academia—no matter how fully formed—can take advantage of the Careers in Law Teaching program.

Meet our Columbia Law School alumni and affiliate candidates who will be on the teaching market in 2023-2024.


  • Weekly lunchtime sessions led by faculty on a variety of relevant topics during the Spring semester. 
  • Limited funds to support the research, writing, and logistical needs of Law School students, alumni, and affiliates who have identified themselves as teaching market candidates for the upcoming hiring cycle.
  • Moot Workshop (annually in September), where candidates present their job talk papers and receive feedback from Columbia faculty and other scholars.
  • Help with preparing forms and resume for AALS Faculty Appointments Register (FAR).
  • Distribution of Columbia candidate CVs to appointments committees at all U.S. law schools.