Office of Social Justice Initiatives

Social Justice Initiatives (SJI) offers public interest/public service career advising. We oversee the summer fundingpro bono, and postgraduate fellowship programs, the Public Interest/Public Service Fellows Program, and public sector on-campus interviewing. We also publish numerous job search tools.


SJI also leads conversations on campus about cutting edge racial and social justice issues and other intersections of law and justice.

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By offering professional development programming, career advising, counseling, support, and community, we equip students and graduates with an expansive view of how they might use their legal education to advance the public good and promote social justice through the law.

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Office of Social Justice Initiatives

Due to Covid-19, SJI staff and operations are entirely remote until further notice. Hours of Operation: Mondays through Fridays, from 9 am EST - 5 pm EST. SJI is closed on University and Law School calendar holidays.

Department Services

Columbia Law School’s Office of Social Justice Initiatives (SJI) is one of the largest offices at any law school devoted to nurturing students who are interested in exploring public interest or government work—while on campus, or as part of a future career.  SJI provides professional development, career services and other support for students and graduates, and oversees key programs including the Public Interest/Public Service (PI/PS) Fellows Program, Guaranteed Summer Funding Program, Human Rights Internship Program and Pro Bono Program.