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“Some court decisions are bad; others are abysmal. The bad ones merely misapply the law; abysmal decisions go a step further and elevate abstract principle over democratic will and basic morality.”

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Wave of Amicus Briefs Back Drug Price Plan at Trial Court Stage

  • Christopher Morten
| Bloomberg Law
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In AI, Capital Wins Again

  • Katharina Pistor
| Project Syndicate
In The Media

The 4th Amendment: Search and Seizure

  • Sarah A. Seo
In The Media

Number of Trump Allies Facing Election Interference Charges Keeps Growing

  • Daniel Richman
| The New York Times
In The Media

Does the Constitution Protect the Right To Get High?

  • David Pozen
| Reason
In The Media

The New Empires of the Internet Age

  • Anu Bradford
| Foreign Policy
In The Media

Musk Twitter Sitter Case

  • Eric Talley
| Bloomberg Law Podcast

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