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“Under the Eighth Amendment, execution by nitrogen is surely unusual because it has never been used as a method of execution in this country or elsewhere, as far as we know. It is also likely to cause needless agony and suffering in the execution chamber. Plus, the threat of a second attempt at execution under circumstances of human experimentation is unconscionably cruel.”

In the Media

In The Media

The Trial of Sam Bankman-Fried, Explained

  • Daniel Richman
| Wired Magazine
In The Media

Google Prepares for Biggest U.S. Antitrust Showdown Since Microsoft

  • John C. Coffee, Jr.
| Financial Times
In The Media

As Shutdown Looms, House Impeachment Inquiry of Biden Commences

  • Philip C. Bobbitt
| The Washington Post
In The Media

AI and the Next Great Tech Shift

  • Anu Bradford
| Financial Times
In The Media

The Case That Will Determine the Future of Tech

  • Timothy Wu
| Amanpour & Company
In The Media

Family Court Is Beyond Reform With Jane Spinak

  • Jane M. Spinak
| WORT Radio
In The Media

Alabama Has a Horrible New Way of Killing People on Death Row

  • Bernard E. Harcourt
| The New York Times
In The Media

The Legal Fight Over Tesla’s Ban on Workers Wearing Union Shirts

  • Kate Andrias
| Bloomberg Law Podcast

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