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“Our collective legal and democratic responsibility to address the racial and ethnic inequalities that persist in the U.S. education system is as important as ever. Because what the Supreme Court does not have the power to do is erase the history or language of our civil rights laws, or the principles underlying them.”

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Why Banks Should Be Treated as Public Utilities

  • Lev Menand
| The Washington Post
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Google Prepares for Biggest U.S. Antitrust Showdown Since Microsoft

  • John C. Coffee, Jr.
| Financial Times
In The Media

The Global Battle to Regulate Technology

  • Anu Bradford
| The Lawfare Podcast
In The Media

Opioid Bankruptcy

  • Edward R. Morrison
| Talks on Law
In The Media

How Many of Trump’s Trials Will Happen Before the Election?

  • Daniel Richman
| The New York Times
In The Media

A Resounding Defeat of an Anti-Abortion Power Grab in Ohio

  • Carol Sanger
| Background Briefing | KPFA

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