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“Many pleas happen well before the trial date, but some on the eve. The immediate prospect of conviction and a long jail sentence often focuses the mind intensely.”

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In The Media

Why Congress Keeps Failing to Protect Kids Online

  • Timothy Wu
| The Atlantic
In The Media

EU vs Tech Giants: Who Rules the Digital World?

  • Anu Bradford
| Euractiv
In The Media

The Laws of War

  • Matthew C. Waxman
| Call Me Back with Dan Senor
In The Media Case Holds Potential to Upend Insider Deal Scrutiny

  • Eric Talley
| Bloomberg Law
In The Media

The Trial of Sam Bankman-Fried, Explained

  • Daniel Richman
| Wired Magazine
In The Media

How Corporate America Steals Public Research

  • Christopher Morten
In The Media

US Weighs Leaning on Banks to Curb Hedge Fund Leveraged Trading

  • Lev Menand
| BNN Bloomberg
In The Media

IRS Says Americans Failed to Pay $688 Billion in Taxes in 2021

  • Alex Raskolnikov
| CBS News

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