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Application Process

Your path to a J.D. degree from Columbia Law School starts here.

Columbia Law School students have many different strengths, but they all share certain key qualities: They are curious and resourceful, committed to excellence, and motivated to effect change and serve as leaders in their fields.

Accordingly, the Law School takes a holistic approach when assessing applications. We look beyond the quantitative criteria of test scores and grade point averages and focus on the unique contributions each applicant can make to our community. And because diversity of all kinds deeply enriches the Columbia student body, our admissions process is designed to be inclusive, seeking applicants with varied backgrounds and life experiences, which are integral to the social and intellectual life of our community.

For regular admission: applications for the fall 2024 entering class will open on September 1, 2023, with a deadline of February 15, 2024 for regular decision applicants. Learn more about the application process and see important deadlines via the above links.

For more information, please explore the application process for Regular Decision, Early Decision, and Transfers.