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Columbia Law School offers a diverse array of experiential learning opportunities. Each semester, students can choose from nearly 30 externships in which they will help real clients solve legal problems.

Students work 10 to 15 hours each week at their externship site under close supervision. The fieldwork is supported by a rigorous seminar tailored to the substantive law and practice and professional skills they will encounter in their work. The seminar provides an opportunity for students to reflect together on their experience and integrate the practical and theoretical learning. Law School graduates regularly identify these experiences as essential to their professional success.

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  • Arts and Entertainment Law



Civil Litigation

  • Environmental Practice
  • Harlem Economic Justice
  • Housing Justice: The Right to Counsel in Housing Court
  • N.Y. Attorney General's Office Employment Law and Civil Litigation Skills (year long)
  • N.Y. Attorney General's Office Social and Environmental Justice
  • NY State AG Office Economics Law Enforcement


Community-Based Lawyering and Social Change

  • Harlem Economic Justice
  • Housing Justice: The Right to Counsel in Housing Court
  • Law, Power and Social Change
  • NAACP Racial Justice


Constitutional and Affirmative Litigation

  • Constitutional Rights in Life and Death Penalty Cases
  • The Knight First Amendment Institute
  • NAACP Racial Justice



Criminal Defense

  • Bronx Defenders on Holistic Defense
  • Criminal Appeals
  • Neighborhood Defender Service of Harlem Community Defense


Criminal Prosecution

  • Criminal Prosecution:  Manhattan/Bkln DA
  • Domestic Violence Prosecution (Queen’s DA)
  • Federal Prosecution:  US Attorney’s Office for the SDNY



Economic Justice

  • Harlem Economic Justice
  • Housing Justice: The Right to Counsel in Housing Court
  • NY State AG Office Financial Enforcement and Economic Justice


Externship on the Federal Government

See webpage


Family and Immigration Defense

  • Immigration Defense




  • Federal Appellate Court
  • Federal Court Clerk EDNY
  • Federal Court Clerk SDNY


Non-Litigation or Transactional

  • Arts and Entertainment Law
  • In-House Counsel:  Corporate Section, Corporate Sustainability and ESG, Startup Section
  • United Nations


Fall 2022 Externship

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Judicial Externships

Federal Appellate Court; Federal Court Clerk: SDNY; Federal Court Clerk: EDNY

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Government Agencies/NGOs Externships

NYAG's Antitrust (Spring Only); Civil Litigation: Employment; Representing NYC; Environmental Practice; Office of the NYS AG: Social Justice

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Criminal Defense 

Community Advocacy Lab*, Criminal Justice, Criminal Appeals, Bronx Defenders
*Not offered Fall '22

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Criminal Prosecution Externships

Federal Prosecution: US Attorney’s Office EDNY; Federal Prosecution: District of New Jersey; Criminal Prosecution: Manhattan/Brooklyn DA’s Office

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Arts, Science, First Amendment 

Science, Health and Information Clinic; Arts and Entertainment Law; Knight First Amendment Institute; Practicing the Law of Music (Spring Only)

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United Nations

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Harlem Economic Justice; Trusts, Wills and Estate Planning (Spring Only); In-House Counsel

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Family, Immigration and Community Lawyering

Structural Change in Public Education Policy and Social Change Lab; Lawyer Leadership; Immigrant Youth Advocacy (Spring Only); Sanctuary for Families

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Spring 2023 Externship

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Federal Court Clerk EDNY

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General In-House Counsel

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NYLAG Veteran's Externship

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Sanctuary for Families

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United Nations Externship

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Washington DC Externship

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Contact Externships

Liliana Vaamonde

Director of Externships and Field-Based Learning

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