The Columbia Law School website is built in Drupal 8. The new site navigation is similar to the older navigation except for a few key differences including new interactive page modules and areas of study. A red asterisk in the CMS indicates a required field.

The new website also features different page types—general pages (pages 23 to 32 in the PowerPoint deck), program pages (pages 33 to 39), process (pages 40 to 45) pages, faculty profiles (pages 50 to 58), and department pages (pages 59 to 67)—and components that pull in different types of content based on tagging. (See annotated pages throughout the deck for descriptions available for each page type.)

See Columbia Law School’s Editorial Style Guide for more about writing for the website.

Please use with your UNI. 

As a web editor, you will only have access to edit and add content to the sections of the website you’re responsible for.

You can now navigate to the section of the website you are responsible for editing.

Once you are logged in, you will know that you are able to edit your content because there will be an edit button at the bottom of the screen when you are on your content pages.