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By John C. Coffee Jr.
The SEC and Elon Musk need to reach a settlement fast. Although Musk continues to trip over his oversized ego and sense of his own infallibility, the SEC is facing its own serious problem: Can it still enforce the consent decrees that it relies upon to make companies and executives comply with its settlements?

Featured Faculty
John C. Coffee, Jr. Adolf A. Berle Professor of Law
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By Tim Wu
Mass privacy is the freedom to act without being watched and thus in a sense, to be who we really are — not who we want others to think we are. At stake, then, is something akin to the soul.

Featured Faculty
Timothy Wu Julius Silver Professor of Law, Science and Technology
April 01, 2019 The Nation

Infinite Frontier

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By Jedediah Britton-Purdy
Since the literal frontier closed more than a century ago, the conceit of limitlessness has served to justify expanding America’s borders into first a worldwide military empire and then commercial globalization.

Featured Faculty
Jedediah S. Purdy William S. Beinecke Professor of Law