Jerome Greene Hall seen from a low angle under the cherry trees in the summer.

Areas of Study

Columbia Law School offers students unique and unparalleled learning experiences inside and outside of the classroom, preparing them to succeed in every phase of their careers and to serve as leaders in the legal profession—whether the private sector, government, or public interest—and beyond. In addition to taking a broad array of foundational courses in the law, students can explore their interests by curating their coursework around areas of study. 

All students, regardless of their chosen path, are guided by world-class faculty who shape how the law is understood as well as the public discourse on today’s most pressing issues. Externships and clinics provide valuable real-world training, and opportunities to work with Columbia’s research centers and programs enable students to help solve legal and policy questions in the United States and around the world.

Professor Anu Bradford

“I aim to teach our students not just international and comparative law but most importantly three things: curiosity, creativity, and confidence. It is most rewarding to witness how the students come to embody those features as they transform from law students to lawyers during their time at Columbia.”

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