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Bar Review

Currently Inactive

Bar Review, run by the Bar Czars, is dedicated to the social lubrication of Columbia Law students. Each week, the Bar Czars are entrusted to plan an exhilarating and freeing Thursday night at one of Manhattan's fantastic bars, complete with unbeatable drink deals for all CLS students. While many law schools across the country participate in a similar weekly ritual, none do it quite like these Bar Czars.

Columbia Air & Space Law Association (CASLA)

The Columbia Air and Space Law Association (CASLA) explores an ever-growing field of law that includes: international law; business and corporate law; international arbitration and dispute resolution; and government regulatory and administrative law.  Organization members are afforded the opportunity to hear from and network with leading practitioners from both the public and private sectors.

Contact: [email protected]

Columbia Gastronomy Society

The Columbia Gastronomy Society fosters the understanding, knowledge, and appreciation of the art and science of food and cuisine amongst Columbia Law students, and endeavors to take members behind the scenes of gastronomy.

Contact: [email protected]

Columbia Language Network

Currently Inactive

The Columbia Language Network was founded with the mission of providing foreign language instruction to law students, advocating for formal multilingual programming in the law school, and creating a bridge among the JD and LLM communities through our common appreciation of languages. To this end, CLN sponsors several academic, professional, and social activities  throughout the year to build a diverse language community within Columbia Law School's faculty and general student body. We are committed to advancing our members’ linguistic skills and promoting cultural competence in our future legal practices. 

Contact: [email protected]

Columbia Law Racquet Sports Club (CLRSC)

The Columbia Law Racquet Sports Club (CLRSC) promotes student bonding, mental health, and physical fitness via student participation in various racquet sports. CLRSC encourages new and returning players to practice and compete in a friendly and supportive environment. The organization holds intramural competitions, social events, and tournaments with other local law schools. 

Columbia Law School Craft Beer Club

The Columbia Craft Beer Club is a student-founded organization devoted to the brewing and appreciation of craft beer, both local and international. As the craft beer community evolves and grows, it is increasingly recognized as an essential element of American culture and society. Our club’s mission is to expose the Columbia Law School community to the many facets of craft beer through tastings, outings, home-brewing sessions and tutorials, and other events open to all students.

Contact: [email protected]

Columbia Law School Softball Club

The Columbia Law School Softball Club hosts weekly games just a few blocks from campus, fields teams against the other New York City law schools, and competes in the University of Virginia's annual law school softball championship, which attracts more than 1,000 law students from schools all over the country.


DeVinimus is the Columbia Law Wine Society. We host a series of tastings and social events throughout the year to educate law students about the world of wine and expand the palates of wine novices and enthusiasts alike. 

Entertainment, Arts, and Sports Law Society (EASLS)

The Entertainment, Arts, and Sports Law Society are for students interested in legal careers in the entertainment, arts, or sports industries. It explores legal issues and trends affecting these industries and educates students about career opportunities through panel discussions, practitioner lunches, roundtables, and lectures. Organization members are afforded the chance to meet and network with top entertainment, arts, and sports law practitioners, including many Columbia alumni.

Contact: [email protected]

Law Revue

The Columbia Law Revue is one of the world’s leading organizations for making fun of legal scholarship and tradition. Founded in 19??, the Review is an independent nonprofit organization that produces a fall and spring semester show written and performed entirely by students at Columbia Law School. It is one of a handful of law school musical parody groups in the nation that performs twice a year and produces no actual legal scholarship. The Revue is one of the most celebrated and criticized law Revues in the country. It receives about X auditions per year and selects approximately all of them to perform in the show each semester, in addition to the Law Revue Band. In 2007, the Revue expanded its audience with the launch of a YouTube channel where it posts its videos. Columbia Law Revue Online, not to be confused with Columbia Law Review Online, does not exist apart from a Youtube channel and a highly secret Facebook group where we share Air Bud puns and memes.  It brings together a diverse group of legal scholars, practitioners, community leaders, and judges, into one forum for mercilessly mocking the legal profession.

Contact: [email protected]