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Bar Review

Bar Review, run by the Bar Czars, is dedicated to the social lubrication of Columbia Law students. Each week, the Bar Czars are entrusted to plan an exhilarating and freeing Thursday night at one of Manhattan's fantastic bars, complete with unbeatable drink deals for all CLS students. While many law schools across the country participate in a similar weekly ritual, none do it quite like these Bar Czars.

Contact: [email protected]

CLS Board Game Club

The CLS Board Game Club (formerly CSSS) is dedicated to fostering a strong board game community at Columbia Law. With over 100 board games in our joint collection with the Law Library, which is now available to all CLS students, we aim to provide a recreational outlet for everyone from experienced board gamers to interested beginners. Come by our weekly Board Game Nights for a casual pick-up game with food, friends, and fun, or join one of our dedicated game sessions throughout the semester.

Daniel Munden, co-president: [email protected]
Charles Simonds, co-president: [email protected]
[email protected]

CLS Video Game Club

CLS Video Game Club promotes student camaraderie by hosting recurring video game nights open to all law students. Students of all skill levels and familiarity with video games are welcome. Video Game Club also hosts events aiming to educate the CLS community about the complex and novel legal issues surrounding the video games industry as it grows and evolves.

Columbia Air & Space Law Association (CASLA)

Currently Inactive

The Columbia Air and Space Law Association (CASLA) explores an ever-growing field of law that includes: international law; business and corporate law; international arbitration and dispute resolution; and government regulatory and administrative law.  Organization members are afforded the opportunity to hear from and network with leading practitioners from both the public and private sectors.

Contact: [email protected]

Columbia Gastronomy Society

The Columbia Gastronomy Society fosters the understanding, knowledge, and appreciation of the art and science of food and cuisine amongst Columbia Law students, and endeavors to take members behind the scenes of gastronomy.

Contact: [email protected]

Columbia Language Network

Currently Inactive

The Columbia Language Network was founded with the mission of providing foreign language instruction to law students, advocating for formal multilingual programming in the law school, and creating a bridge among the JD and LLM communities through our common appreciation of languages. To this end, CLN sponsors several academic, professional, and social activities throughout the year to build a diverse language community within Columbia Law School's faculty and general student body. We are committed to advancing our members’ linguistic skills and promoting cultural competence in our future legal practices. 

Contact: [email protected]

Columbia Law Blockchain Club

The Columbia Law Blockchain Club aims to promote the understanding of blockchain technology and the legal regime surrounding the technology. Any student, regardless of their familiarity with the blockchain, will benefit from an opportunity to learn and engage with the legal intersection between blockchain technology and the law. The club also regularly hosts networking and panel events with leading attorneys and entrepreneurs in the field.

Contact: [email protected]

Columbia Law Kennel Club (CLKC)

The Columbia Law Kennel Club's (CLKC) mission is to create a sense of community and support among students that are dog guardians or are considering dog guardianship. Many law students are either current dog guardians or are considering dog guardianship but may feel hesitant to do so considering the personal commitment and responsibility it poses. CLKC provides students with community, resources, and fun events for humans and pups alike.

Contact: Mariah Young Jones, [email protected]

Columbia Law Racquet Sports Club (CLRSC)

The Columbia Law Racquet Sports Club (CLRSC) promotes student bonding, mental health, and physical fitness via student participation in various racquet sports. CLRSC encourages new and returning players to practice and compete in a friendly and supportive environment. The organization holds intramural competitions, social events, and tournaments with other local law schools. 

Contact: [email protected]

Columbia Law School Craft Beer Club

The Columbia Craft Beer Club is a student-founded organization devoted to the brewing and appreciation of craft beer, both local and international. As the craft beer community evolves and grows, it is increasingly recognized as an essential element of American culture and society. Our club’s mission is to expose the Columbia Law School community to the many facets of craft beer through tastings, outings, home-brewing sessions and tutorials, and other events open to all students.

Contact: [email protected]