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Columbia Health Law Association (CHLA)

The Columbia Health Law Association aims to promote discussion of both public and private health law issues among Columbia Law School students, faculty, and health law practitioners. It covers a broad scope of health law topics, including government regulation of the healthcare industry, public health law, healthcare business and transactions, access to healthcare, pharmaceuticals and biotechnology, mental health law, and bioethics.

Contact: [email protected]

Columbia Latin American Business Law Association (CLABLA)

Currently Inactive

The Columbia Latin American Business Law Association is dedicated to the business activity and projects with impact in Latin America, and the influence of the legal profession, including practitioners and scholars, in shaping and strengthening the business relationships between U.S. companies and Latin America.

Columbia Law & Entrepreneurship Society (CLES)

The Columbia Law and Entrepreneurship Society is for law students with a business and entrepreneurial mindset. It brings together industry leaders to discuss hot trends and the business and legal decisions they face. CLES aims to host events featuring investment banks, venture capital firms, hedge funds, and startups to enable our members to start expanding their network and exploring their options.

Contact: [email protected]

Columbia Law School Corporate Responsibility

CRA is dedicated to all things related to corporate responsibility, ranging from current engagements of corporates in social issues, the regulation process of corporate social responsibility, business and human rights, and ESG and SDG as they apply for corporates.  The group’s mission is to engage people from the legal profession and increase awareness about issues surrounding corporate responsibility, encourage interaction amongst students interested in been involved in corporate responsibility, improve regulation in the field and provide both educational and career development opportunities for members.

Contact: Gal Shargil [email protected]


Columbia Real Estate Law Society (CRELS)

Currently Inactive

The Columbia Real Estate Law Society (CRELS) aims to spark dialogue about real estate law, development, and property management; present networking opportunities with practitioners in those fields; and inspire creative approaches to real estate.

Contact: [email protected]