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Asian Pacific American Law Student Association (APALSA)

Asian Pacific American Law Students Association (APALSA) facilitates academic and professional development and hosts numerous social events throughout the school year. Members build incredibly strong friendships that carry us through law school and last well beyond graduation. It also works with APALSA chapters at other New York area law schools to build a network within our wider community.

Contact: [email protected]

Black Law Students Association (BLSA)

Black Law Students Association (BLSA) is an inclusive organization where students can learn and develop the tools necessary to achieve academic and professional success. It provides academic support, alumni resources, and career opportunities to its membership, and raises awareness within the Law School community about issues that disproportionately impact poor and minority communities. BLSA is a chapter of the National Black Law Students Association, the largest law student-run organization in the United States.

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California Society

The California Society of Columbia Law School (CalSoc) is dedicated to representing and developing the ties of the many Law School students and alumni with an interest in California. With more than 300 members and more than a dozen events a year, it is committed to developing a social, intellectual, and professional environment for students and alumni through events, extensive job resources, panels, speakers, and mentoring programs.

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Columbia Law Couples and Families Association (CL-CFA)

At Columbia Law School, we recognize that many students come here in a committed relationship, a partnership, a marriage, with children, or with hopes of starting a family during law school. The Columbia Law Couples & Families Association (CL-CFA) welcomes student families and significant-others into the CLS community by encouraging and hosting events open to families and plus-ones. We also seek to help students and their significant-others make lifelong friends, and take advantage of the many family-friendly activities that NYC has to offer. Lastly, CL-CFA serves as an advocate and resource on behalf of all students who are balancing the rigors of law school with significant family obligations.

Contact: [email protected]

Columbia Law Feminist Society (CLFS)

Currently Inactive

The Columbia Law Feminist Society (CLFS) aims to promote feminist voices on campus and inspire Columbia Law School students to incorporate feminist viewpoints into their approach to the study of law and the legal profession, through social justice activities and engagement with contemporary issues.

Contact: [email protected]

Columbia Law International Students Alliance (CLISA)

Columbia Law International Students Alliance (CLISA) provides resources for international students studying at Columbia Law School. It advocates for international students’ interests at the Law School and the University level, recommending and petitioning the administration to take these members and their voices into consideration in the decision-making process. It also organizes networking and mentorship opportunities to provide guidance for international students, many of whom face unique difficulties while navigating the complex law school life in a foreign country.  

Contact: [email protected]

Columbia Law School Women’s Association (CLWA)

CLWA is the law school’s leading organization for the equality and empowerment of all women in law. CLWA actively works to foster an inclusive community for all women at Columbia Law School (CLS) and to advance the position of women in CLS, the legal profession, and society at large. CLWA provides academic and career resources to both its members and the larger law school community starting with its expansive alumnae base and strong mentorship program.

Contact: [email protected]

Columbia Law Students for Disability Rights (CLSDR)

Columbia Law Students for Disability Rights is an inclusive organization where students with disabilities and allies can receive academic and personal mentorship while advocating for positive change. It provides support to students and faculty and encourages a more inclusive environment by raising Columbia’s awareness about issues that disproportionately impact people with disabilities. Our members include those interested in disability law as well as those with a general interest in advocacy work. Members leave with friendships and a support system that continues after graduation.

Contact: [email protected]

Columbia Texas Society (TexSoc)

Howdy! The Texas Society (TexSoc) is committed to building a vibrant and close-knit community of students from the great state of Texas and of those who are interested in pursuing a career in Texas. The booming Texas legal market offers unparalleled professional opportunities paired with a strong respect for work-life balance, low cost of living, and pioneering and proud culture. Join TexSoc for Texas-themed social events, firsthand information on Texas law offices and practice areas, intimate networking opportunities with Texas’s leading legal employers, and to become a member of our energetic and growing community!

Contact:  [email protected]

District of Columbia Law Students

District of Columbia Law Students is an organization for all law students interested in the practice of law in the nation’s capital–whether they are from the DC region, plan on returning, or are otherwise interested. We serve as a resource for all students who are seeking to work or volunteer in the area, or to meet other Columbia Law students interested in the region. The group also sponsors social events both in DC and on campus during the school year and over the summer.

Contact: [email protected]