Please review the Add/Drop Handbook on our Resources page.

Once you log into LawNet, select ‘Add/Drop’ under the ‘Registration Services’ menu.

Review the schedule

  1. Registered Courses: 

    The courses in which you are enrolled are listed in a table. 

    Click on ‘more’ under the course number to access more information about the course.

  2. Waitlisted Courses:

    The courses that you are waitlisted for are listed in this table and organized with the same information as registered courses plus additional information about your waitlist position.
  3. If you are unsure why you were not registered or waitlisted for a course for which you preregistered, please review the accordion How the Lottery Works.


Because there is considerable movement in waitlists and available seats throughout the Add/Drop period, you are strongly encouraged to frequently visit the LawNet Add/drop application to monitor changes in available courses.

Adding Courses

  • To register for a new course, click on the green plus button or the "Add a New Course" link at the top of the page in Lawnet. 
  • You will then be able to search for courses using the same functionality and search criteria used to search for courses during pre-registration. Please refer to Pre-registration for detailed instructions.
  • If your selected course has available seats, click on the green plus sign to add yourself to the class.
  • To add yourself to the waitlist of a course that is closed (i.e. does not currently have any available seats), click on the hourglass.
  • You can start a new search or refine your search criteria by clicking on the buttons at the top. If you would like to return to your registration list to view your current schedule, you can click on "My Current Registration" at any time.
  • Students without necessary pre-requisites must seek instructor permission to enroll in a class.

Dropping Courses

To drop a course, click on the red X button in the top right-hand corner of the course in LawNet. You will see a pop up message to confirm the course you are dropping.

You are responsible for ensuring that you remain in full-time status:

  •  LL.M.s may register for no fewer than 12 points.
  • If you do not see a red X, you are not able to drop that course on LawNet.

Professional Responsibility Course Changes

  • LLMs can make changes to PR courses just like any other course. 

Permission Courses

  • Permission courses cannot be added or dropped on LawNet.
  • Application instructions can be found in the course description. If no instructions are listed, contact the instructor.
  • In order to drop a permission course, you will need to contact the instructor for permission and forward the email to Registration Services ([email protected]).

Clinics and Externships

If the Lottery cannot assign you a seat, it will assign you either a waitlist seat or a reserved seat.

If no action is taken within the 12-hour window you are allotted (either before 2 pm or before 2 am), you will lose your place on the waitlist and your seat will be offered to the next student on the waitlist.

The waitlist system is automated and the 12-hour window cannot be extended.

If you lose your seat on the waitlist because you did not act on a notification, you will have to add yourself to the bottom of the list.

You are urged to monitor your place on waitlists, and to check your email frequently during the Add/Drop period or you may miss an opportunity to register for a class.

Waitlist Notification

You will be notified by Columbia email of eligibility to enroll in a class for which you are waitlisted. In order to enroll in the class, you are required to accept the seat within 12 hours, which may require resolution of any of the following conflicts:

  1. Time: Drop a class with a schedule conflict

  2. Section: Drop a different section of the same class

  3. Points: Request permission to take more points

  4. Pre-requisites: Request faculty permission to register without formal completion of pre-requisites

  • Class is Full? All seats in this course are currently taken. Wait for a seat to become available.
  • Time Conflict? You are registered for a course that conflicts in time. Drop the other course which conflicts. 
  • Missing Pre-Requisite/Co-Requisite? You have not taken/are not taking a required course. Email Registration Services.
  • Section Conflict? You are registered for another section of the same course. Drop the other section. 
  • Points Conflict? The course would put you over the 15 maximum. Email Registration Services.

For solutions that require assistance from Registration Services

  • Pre-Requisite conflicts: If you feel you have the necessary background to waive a pre-requisite, you can contact the instructor to request permission to enroll. Forward their permission to [email protected] and Registration Services and will be able to register you.
  • Co-Requisite conflicts: Write to [email protected] and Registration Services will be able to register you.
  • Points Conflicts: If registering for a course will bring you over the 15 point maximum, you can petition for 16 points. Submit this petition on Lawnet no later than the end of Add/Drop.

Clinics, Externships, and other courses requiring instructor permission

  • Permission courses - Information on applying for permission courses usually is listed in the “Limitations” field of a course’s online description and frequently in the body of the course description.
  • Externships
  • Journals and Moot Court: If you are a member of a journal or plan to participate in an upper-year moot court, your editor-in-chief or moot court director will inform Registration Services of your participation and you will be registered.
  • Teaching Fellow (L6822)

LL.M. Students
LL.M. students wishing to register for any of the following non-regularly scheduled courses should submit a registration form.

LL.M. Digital Registration Forms in LawNet. LL.M. students can submit registration forms requests for approval to their supervising faculty member in LawNet. Please refer to the Add/Drop Handbook on our Resources page for deadlines and detailed instructions on submitting digital registration forms. 

  • LL.M. Writing Project (L6694) Note: available in LawNet
  • Research for the LL.M. Degree (L6691) 
  • LL.M. Supervised Experiential Study (L6697) Note: available in LawNet
  • Supervised LL.M. Experiential Project: Course Related (L6689) Note: available in LawNet
  • LL.M. Supervised Research Paper: Course Related (L6685) Note: available in LawNet

Certain PDF forms are available on our Registration Forms website

Please note that if a due date falls on a Saturday, Sunday, or a university holiday, forms will be accepted on the next business day.

Once schedules are released, students can review course assignments and requirements in CourseWorks.

Holds are placed on the accounts of students who did not submit required immunization documentation or who have prior term balances. You can check your hold status on (SSOL) Student Services Online.