Multinational Externships

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Sonya Cheney and Mark Nielson, Lecturers-in-Law​ (2 graded academic and 2 ungraded fieldwork credits)

Course Description
The In-House Counsel Externship will provide students with an understanding of roles in-house lawyers play while offering them an opportunity to experience that work firsthand at placements in for profit and non-profit corporations.

The Seminar
This 2-hour externship seminar will explore areas of the law that are integral to in-house corporate practice–including corporate governance, securities and SEC reporting, M&A, internal investigations, employment law, Foreign Corrupt Practices Act (FCPA), cybersecurity, contracts, and litigation–from the perspective of the attorney whose job is simultaneously both lawyer and client. The seminar component will also explore the ethical considerations of in-house attorneys, including conflicts of interest and confidentiality. In-house attorneys are in a unique position at the intersection of law and business. We will discuss how the in-house attorney must be fluent in both, able to explain legal rules and processes to businesspeople, and able to ensure that the legal team understands business considerations and context. The seminar component will integrate students’ in-house experiences into our weekly discussions and facilitate students’ reflection on those in-house placements. The seminar component will also include a number of simulations and feature guest speakers who will be able to share their varied experiences as in-house counsel.

Students will be able to identify their own placements or discuss with Susan Kraham for placements. More information will be provided once you are formally accepted into the externship. Prospective applicants may be contacted for an interview once all applications have been submitted.

Requirements and Application Process
The course is open to JD and LL.M. candidates. There are no prerequisites to take this course.

To apply, please complete the externship application available through LawNet. The application period can be found on the Experiential Learning home page ( 

Any additional questions can be sent to Susan Kraham at [email protected].