Three-Year J.D./MBA Student Experience

Get involved in student organizations at Columbia Law School and engage with students interested in transactional law, corporate governance, and corporate responsibility. JD/MBA students participate in a number of student organizations ranging from the Columbia Business Law Association to the Law & Entrepreneurial Society. 

Columbia Law School is also home to 14 law journals, including the Columbia Law Review, one of the world’s leading publications of legal scholarship. Working on a law journal gives you the opportunity to hone your writing and editing skills, immerse yourself in top-quality scholarship, participate in American legal culture and tradition, and join a thriving micro-community within the Law School. Learn about student journals here.

At Columbia Business School, choose from more than 100 student-led clubs that provide you with a unique set of opportunities to enhance your leadership skills, build relationships with peers and alumni, and network with business leaders through conferences and seminars.

Learn more about student organizations at Columbia Law School and Columbia Business School.