Four-Year J.D./MBA Program

Earn a J.D. from Columbia Law School and an MBA from Columbia Business School in just four consecutive years and accelerate your journey to professional success.

Columbia University’s Four-Year J.D./MBA Program trains you to integrate legal expertise with business acumen, giving you a unique skill set—and a valuable edge—in today’s competitive global market. 

As a student in the Four-Year J.D./MBA Program, you will:

  • Study a varied and rigorous course curriculum.
  • Gain expertise in specific fields of interest through electives.
  • Pursue extracurricular activities in both disciplines.
  • Study with renowned faculty who shape policy through their groundbreaking research.
  • Tap into Columbia’s powerful alumni networks in both disciplines, which provide access to trailblazers across industries worldwide.
  • Spend three summers working in law and business placements.

Students reside at the Law School for five semesters and at the Business School for three semesters. 

After completing at least one continuous academic year in residence at each school, you can choose which of your remaining semesters to spend at the Law School and which to spend at the Business School.

Students must earn a total of 71 law credits and 45 business credits in addition to separate requirements from each school.

J.D. Requirements

  • All first-year foundation courses
  • A course in professional responsibility
  • A course in Legislation and Regulations
  • The Major Writing requirement
  • The Minor Writing requirement
  • A minimum of 40 hours of pro bono service
  •  At least six points of experiential coursework credit

For more information about J.D. degree requirements, see the J.D. Academic Rules page

MBA Requirements
While in residence at the Business School, you can “test out” of certain core requirements by taking exemption exams prior to the start of classes. Exempting out of core classes means that students may take an elective in place of those classes; it does not reduce the total number of Business School credits required for the dual degree.

Because some of the core curriculum requirements at the Business School are cross-listed with the Law School, you must replace any exempted cross-listed core course with another cross-listed course. 

Contact Kristen Casano, Assistant Director, Advising and Academic Success, with any questions regarding the MBA degree requirements. For more information about the MBA degree requirements, visit the Business School’s webpage.

Once you have completed all requirements for the J.D. and the MBA, both degrees are awarded on the same date.