Columbia Law School Hosts American Law and Economics Association’s 25th Annual Meeting

Outgoing ALEA President Professor Robert E. Scott Presided Over the Event, Which Hosted Scholars Advancing Economic Understanding of Law, Public Policy, and Regulation
New York, June 17, 2015—Leading lawyers, economists, and academics convened at Columbia Law School May 15-16 for the 25th annual meeting of the American Law and Economics Association (ALEA), hosted by Columbia Law School Professor and outgoing ALEA President Robert E. Scott.
Professor Robert E. Scott, outgoing ALEA President
Over two days, more than 250 members, including a cadre of faculty from Columbia Law School, presented and discussed papers on a wide range of topics along the intersections of law and economics:
  • Professor Merritt B. Fox presented recent work on how high-frequency traders are transforming the stock market;
  • Professor Victor P. Goldberg delved into his paper looking at lengthy litigation over breach of contract in the proposed construction of a domed stadium in New York’s Erie County;
  • Professor Zohar Goshen talked about his research in corporate governance;
  • Professor Kathryn Judge discussed her work on the roles of modern lenders of last resort during financial crises;
  • Professor Alex Raskolnikov examined strategic responses to legal uncertainty;
  • Dean Emeritus David M. Schizer shared work on limiting tax expenditures in the context of tax policy design;
  • Incoming Professor Eric L. Talley presented a paper on corporate inversions and changing regulatory competition.
Incoming ALEA President Kathryn Spier
Other Columbia Law School faculty, including Professors Richard R.W. Brooks, Robert J. Jackson Jr., Avery W. Katz, Thomas W. Merrill, and Gillian E. Metzger, helped lead discussions of the scholarship presented.

After remarks from Scott and Gillian Lester, Dean and the Lucy G. Moses Professor of Law, Harvard Law School Professor and incoming ALEA President Kathryn Spier delivered the event’s keynote address during a special dinner at Columbia University’s Faculty House May 15.
Founded in 1991 following a meeting of law and economics scholars including Goldberg, ALEA is dedicated to the advancement of law and related areas of public policy. The organization holds an annual meeting each May and, since 1999, publishes the American Law and Economics Review.

Click here for a slideshow depicting highlights of the meeting.