Merritt B. Fox

Michael E. Patterson Professor of Law, NASDAQ Professor for Law and Economics of Capital Markets

Office: 435 West 116th Street
Room 845
New York NY 10027
Tel: 212.854.9766
Fax: 212.854.7946

Assistant Info

Name: Laura Miller (contact Prof. Fox directly to schedule appts)
Phone: 212-854-0617
Courses/Current Research
  • Corporate and securities law
  • Law and economics
  • International finance


  • Yale, Ph.D., 1980
  • Yale, J.D., 1971
  • Yale, B.A., 1968

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Detailed Biography:

Merritt Fox is the Michael E. Patterson Professor of Law and the NASDAQ Professor of the Columbia Law School-Columbia Business School Joint Project on the Law and Economics of Capital Markets.

B.A., 1968, Yale; J.D., 1971; Ph.D. (Economics), 1980. Practiced with the firm of Cleary, Gottlieb, Steen & Hamilton, 1974-80. Adjunct professor teaching law and economics, Yale and Fordham, 1974-80. Taught at Indiana University Law School in Bloomington before joining the University of Michigan Law School faculty in 1988, where he was the Alene and Allan F. Smith Professor of Law and faculty director of the school's Center for International and Comparative Law. He is author of Finance and Industrial Performance in a Dynamic Economy (1987); The Signature of Power: Buildings, Communication and Policy (with H. Lasswell, 1979). He is also co-editor, with Michael Heller, of Corporate Governance Lessons from Transitional Economies (2006). Much of his recent scholarship is in the areas of international securities regulation, the value of mandatory disclosure, and comparative corporate governance. Articles include, "Halliburton II: It All Depends on What Defendants Need to Show to Establish No Impact on Price", The Business Lawyer (Forthcoming); Ongoing Issues in Russian Corporate Governance, Columbia Journal of Transnational Law (2014); "Securities Class Actions Against Foreign Issuers",  Stanford Law Review (2012); "Promoting Innovation: The Law of Publicly Traded Corporations", Capitalism and Society (2010, Issue 3) "Civil Liability and Mandatory Disclosure," Columbia Law Review (2009); "Gatekeeper Failures: Why Important, What to Do," Michigan Law Review (2008); "Understanding Dura," The Business Lawyer (2005); "Demystifying Causation in Fraud-on-the-Market Actions," The Business Lawyer (2005); "Measuring Share Price Accuracy," Berkeley Business Law Journal (2004); "What's So Special About Multinational Enterprises: A Comment on Avi-Yonah," Columbia Journal of Transnational Law (2004); "Law, Share Price Accuracy, and Economic Performance," Michigan Law Review (2003); "Optimal Regulatory Areas for Securities Disclosure," Washington Univ. Law Quarterly (2003); "U.S. Perspectives on Global Securities Market Disclosure Regulation: A Critical Review," European Business Organization Review (2002); "Imposing Liability for Losses from Aggressive War: An Economic Analysis of the UNCC," European Journal of International Law (2002); "The Issuer Choice Debate," Theoretical Inquiries in Law (2001); "Regulation FD and Foreign Issuers: Globalization's Strains and Opportunities," Virginia Journal of International Law (2001); "Company.Registration and the Private Placement Exemption," Case Western Reserve Law Review (2001); "Corporate Governance Lessons from Russian Enterprise Fiascoes," NYU Law Review (2000); "The Securities Globalization Disclosure Debate," Washington University Law Quarterly (2000); "Required Disclosure and Corporate Governance," Law & Contemporary Problems (1999); "Retaining Mandatory Securities Disclosure: Why Issuer Choice is Not Investor Empowerment," Virginia Law Review (1999); "The Political Economy of Statutory Reach: U.S. Disclosure Rules in a Globalizing Market for Securities," Michigan Law Review (1998); and "Securities Disclosure in a Globalizing Market: Who Should Regulate Whom?" Michigan Law Review (1997). Professor Fox is past chair of the Business Association section of the American Association of Law Schools. He is co-director of the Center for Law and Economic Studies at Columbia Law School.