• "A Global View"

    Gillian Lester, who took the helm of Columbia Law School in January as Dean and the Lucy G. Moses Professor of Law, is focused on curricular innovation and global connectedness, a profile in the New York Law Journal reveals. (subs. req.)

    "A Global View"
  • A Rewarding Exchange

    Charles Li '91, a distinguished graduate who started his career on an oil rig and is now chief executive officer of Hong Kong Exchanges and Clearing, discusses his journey with students in the Dean's Visiting Speaker Luncheon Series.

    A Rewarding Exchange
  • From the Magazine

    Richard Hsu ′94

    When attorney Richard Hsu ’94 first decided to create intellectual property law tutorials for his blog, HsuTube, he enlisted the services of an unlikely assistant—his 13-year-old daughter, Maya.

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