CLS Hosts Conference Celebrating 75th Anniversary of Berle Book

CLS Hosts Conference Celebrating 75th Anniversary of Berle Book
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James O’Neill
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December 3, 2007 – Columbia Law School will host an invitation-only day-long conference Dec. 7 to mark the 75th anniversary of the groundbreaking book on business law which the late Columbia Law School Professor Adolph Berle co-authored with economist Gardiner Means, The Modern Corporation and Private Property.
Columbia Law School Dean David M. Schizer called their work ``perhaps the most important book on business law ever written,’’ and told Columbia Law School’s first-year students during his welcoming address in September that it ``remains topical as corporate scandals unsettle our economy and as global economic competition intensifies.’’
WHAT: ``Berle and Means Revisited: A 21st Century Reconsideration of The Modern Corporation and Private Property, on its 75th Anniversary’’
WHEN: Friday, December 7, 2007 
WHERE: Columbia Law School
Media interested in attending should contact the Law School Public Affairs Office at 212-854-2650.
David Schizer, Dean of Columbia Law School, will give a welcome address.
John Coffee, the Adolph Berle Professor of Law at Columbia Law School, will speak on ``The Political Economy of the Berle/Means Corporation: Enforcement Intensity and International Competitiveness.’’
Mark J. Roe of Harvard Law School will speak on ``Strong Managers, Weak Owners, and Hedge Funds.’’
Lucian Bebchuk of Harvard Law School will speak on ``Invigorating Corporate Elections in the Berle-Means Corporation.’’
John Armour of Oxford University Law School and Jeffrey N. Gordon, the Alfred W. Bressler Professor of Law and Albert E. Cinelli Enterprise Professorship at Columbia Law School, will speak on ``The Berle-Means Corporation of the 21st Century.’’
Bernie Black, University of Texas Law School, will speak on ``Unbundling and Measuring Tunneling.’’
William W. Bratton of Georgetown University Law School and Michael L. Wachter of the University of Pennsylvania Law School will speak on ``Shareholder Primacy’s Corporatist Origins: Adolph Berle and the Modern Corporation.’’
Ronald J. Gilson, the Marc and Eva Stern Professor of Law and Business at Columbia Law School, and Charles Whitehead of Boston University Law School will speak on ``Private Equity and the Future of Public Shareholders.’’
For a full list of speakers, panel moderators and commentators, CLICK HERE.
The event ends at 5:30 with a cocktail reception.
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