Naming Opportunities and Leadership Gifts

Create a lasting legacy at Columbia Law School.

Leadership giving to support such areas as scholarships, research, centers, and programs and facility enhancements directly impacts the learning, living, and lawyering experiences at the Law School.

For more information, contact the Development team at [email protected] or 212-854-2680.

"Creating an endowed scholarship is very satisfying. It means that no matter what else I do with my life, I have left a legacy that will benefit someone who might otherwise not be able to afford to attend Columbia Law School.”
—Scott Yagoda CC ’86, LAW ’92

Make a contribution to any of these vital areas.

Our ability to offer generous scholarship support to our students ensures that we continue to attract the best and the brightest and ensure a diverse community of talents, experiences, and backgrounds. Today, more than two-thirds of incoming students receive financial aid, up from 49 percent in 2015. 

View a list of endowed and current use named scholarships at Columbia Law School.

We think it is powerful when our students have an opportunity to meet our generous benefactors. Opportunities are made available for donors and scholarship recipients to meet each other annually.

Loan Repayment Assistance Program
To support graduates in their public interest career choices, the Law School offers a Loan Repayment Assistance Program that extends interest-free loans to repay law school debt. Loans are gradually forgiven while recipients remain in qualifying employment.

We also offer fellowships for graduates working in eligible government, nonprofit, and public interest legal positions. These fellowships support new graduates for a year or more as they begin their careers.

A research fund or a professorship are lasting gifts that can permanently connect your name with Columbia Law School.

Faculty Research Fund
In addition to teaching, scholarly research is an integral part of a faculty member’s career. Named research endowments underwrite faculty research projects. Donors have the opportunity to meet the professor whose work is being funded and hear firsthand about their research. A donor’s support is also acknowledged by name in any resulting publication

Focus on an area of personal interest by contributing to the current-use needs of a specific Law School center or program.

Centers and programs offer opportunities for students and faculty to focus on topics and areas that interest them. They also serve as important sites of experiential learning where students can develop their lawyering competencies.


Linking your name to Columbia Law School’s facilities is a great opportunity for permanent and visible recognition. Detailed information about current opportunities can be provided upon request.