The Columbia Clerkships Diversity Initiative

A Faculty Mentoring Program for the Class of 2024

Launched in Fall of 2021, the Columbia Clerkships Diversity Initiative aims to increase clerkship awareness among, and help increase applications from, and placements of, current law students who may identify as being traditionally underrepresented in the legal profession, and, specifically, as law clerks. Such applicants may include women, underrepresented racial and ethnic minorities, members of the LGBTQIA+ community, disability status, veteran status, and/or first-generation professionals. Importantly, OJC seeks to ensure an expansive definition of the meaning of diversity, openness, and inclusion, so as to realize the Initiative’s goals in its broadest terms. The Initiative’s cornerstone feature is 1:1 faculty mentoring to encourage and support promising, diverse candidates as they apply for federal and state court clerkships.  

CDI Scholars are expected to participate in weekly discussions and panel events and attend off-campus trips to courthouses, usually on Fridays.

Associate Director for Programming and Advising

Dianisbeth Acquie, Esq

Headshot photo of Amina Stone-Taylor

“The primary reason I joined CDI was to learn more about the clerkship process and gain a community of people who can support me throughout my journey.” 

-Amina Stone-Taylor, Class of 2024 CDI Scholar


Headshot photo of Julia Konstantinovsky

“I joined CDI to learn about the clerkship application process and to build community with others navigating this space with our unique backgrounds. As a first generation law student, it was important for me to explore a clerkship as a career option with peers who share similar perspectives to mine.” 

-Julia Konstantinovksy, Class of 2024 CDI Scholar