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Data Analytics

In the legal industry and academy, practitioners and scholars utilize artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning to perform analyses that were once labor-intensive endeavors. Although technology can, in some instances, replicate human decision-making, lawyers and scholars play an essential role in compiling data sets, defining analytical queries, and, most importantly, interpreting findings and presenting them in an accessible way for a broad audience.

AI, big data, machine learning: How is technology revolutionizing the practice of law and the administration of justice?

Columbia Law professors continue to be at the forefront of integrating data analytics in legal research and practice. They employ machine learning, natural language processing, and other state-of-the-art data science methodologies in research across a range of disciplines and research topics, including studies of crime, consumer bankruptcies, short selling, U.S. and EU competition law, and Chinese judicial decisions. Students benefit from their knowledge and practices in the classroom and through labs and other experiential learning opportunities.

Why Columbia?

in an array of courses how AI is disrupting and influencing the study of nearly every area of the law: antitrust, business, criminal justice, cybersecurity, human rights, intellectual property, international, legal history, securities regulation, social policy, and more.

Pursue projects with support from the Columbia University Data Science Institute, which provides Law School students and faculty with extensive resources.

Join the Columbia Law School Legal Tech Association, a hotbed of ideas and innovation, which brings visionaries and entrepreneurs in the field to speak on campus.

Serve as an editor of The Columbia Science & Technology Law Review.

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Bert Huang

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Eric Talley

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No matter what your area of interest, find ways to incorporate public interest and public service into your academic program and career.

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