Graduation and Diplomas

The University awards degrees in October, February and May; and for some programs (Pro Bono Scholars Program), June. All degree candidates regardless of their graduation date are invited to participate in the University Commencement ceremony which takes place in May. For more information on graduation and diplomas, please visit the Office of the University Registrar’s website. 

Application for Degree or Certificate

In order to be considered for degree or certificate, all students must complete and submit the Application for Degree or Certificate directly to the Office of the University Registrar. Graduating Joint Degree Candidates are required to complete an application for degree for each degree program they are completing. Graduating students completing a Certificate must also complete a separate application for degree for certification in order to be considered for the certificate.

Students who do not complete the requirements for the degree are responsible for applying for the next degree conferral date. 

The Office of the University Registrar will order and mail diplomas after the conferral date to the address provided on the application for degree. This process will take a few weeks however; the University Registrar provides electronic diplomas to graduates which will be emailed to each student upon their conferral date. 

No LL.M. candidacy will be extended or renewed beyond the second award date subsequent to the termination of the candidate’s period of residence, i.e., February for candidates going out of residence in May. Of course, every candidate registered for the LL.M. degree is strongly urged to complete all work in time to receive the degree in May of the year of residence.