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About Executive Education

Columbia Law School Executive Education offers legal training to both practicing attorneys who need or want additional skills and knowledge to add to their practice and non-lawyers who would like a greater understanding of the relevant legal landscape in order to enhance their business skills.

An extraordinary network.

The depth of expertise of the faculty at Columbia allows us to present programs and provide education on a wide range of topics, including mergers and acquisitions, FCPA compliance, international transactions, tax law, labor and employment, government investigations, restructuring, corporate finance, negotiation, coaching, leadership, and more. Faculty, as well as industry experts, teach our seminars and training programs, which can address the needs of a variety of experience levels.

Customized education.

Our custom programs are carefully tailored to meet the needs of our clients. All facets of the program are customizable, including subject matter, duration, and format. We work with our faculty and client leaders and facilitators to make sure the program will be relevant to the specific work of their attorneys or employees and will result in participants learning practical knowledge and skills that they can take back to their practice.

Open-enrollment programs.

Our open-enrollment seminars and conferences are offered on topics that we believe are of interest to a large section of the legal community, including legislative updates, changes in case law, and emerging areas of business and practice. Our experts provide the tools for attorneys and business executives to better understand the issues they face in the present and to help prepare for what the future may bring. 

The Columbia advantage.

The advantage of partnering with Columbia Law School Executive Education lies in our strong network.  We are able to draw on the knowledge of not only our world-class law professors, but also faculty and experts from all over Columbia University and beyond. On the cutting edge of legal thought and industry practice, their insights are of great benefit to executive education participants.

Edward Morrison

"The Executive Education Program reflects the core values of Columbia Law School: connecting theory and practice to make sense of the global legal landscape, and to improve it."