Volcano, Lack of Flights, Can't Keep Professor Tim Wu Out of the Classroom

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New York, April 20, 2010—Professor Tim Wu went to Berlin last week to give a speech. He’s still there.
Wu is among the millions stranded by the Iceland volcano eruption. But no flights were no problem for the tech-savvy Wu. He worked with the Law School’s educational technology staff and The Program on Law and Technology to arrange for a video hookup via the Internet phone provider Skype, so his classes could be held as scheduled.
To the strains of the original German version of Nena's "99 Luft Balloons," and a picture of the dreaded Eyjafjallajokull volcano, the video feed was then put up on screens in Jerome Greene Hall classrooms, where Wu would ordinarily teach his Tuesday classes for Telecommunications Law and Criminal Law. A session for the latter class will also be held via Skype on Wednesday.
Brian Donnelly, Director of Educational Technology, said it is the first time a Law School professor has held a class on Skype.
Wu said via email he was in Berlin to give a speech on net neutrality and free speech at the Re:Publica conference. He is now scheduled to fly home on Saturday -- weather and volcano permitting.
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