Social Justice Initiatives Awards 2008

Social Justice Initiatives Awards 2008
The Center for Public Interest Law at Columbia Law School held a Public Interest Honors dinner on April 24th. It included the presentation of the Outstanding Public Interest Faculty Award.
The faculty honoree, selected by the students, was Suzanne Goldberg, director of the Sexuality and Gender Law Clinic.
There were five categories of awards for students, and each recipient was a clinic student:
Peer of the Year Award: Amos Blackman (Sexuality and Gender Law Clinic)
New student Initiative of the Year Award: Pallavi Guniganti (Lawyering in the Digital Age Clinic)
Joseph Haaf Award for Excellence in Public Service: Spencer Wolff and Anna Dupont (both of the Human Rights Clinic)
Ellen P. Chapnick “Make it So” Award: Sarah Froikin (Environmental Law Clinic)
Outstanding Public Interest Student of the Year Award: Kaitlin Cordes (Human Rights Clinic)