Snowden and the Future

Columbia Law School Professor Eben Moglen, a Vocal Proponent of Privacy Rights, Has Created a Four-Part Lecture Series Based On NSA Leaker Edward Snowden.

New York, October 14, 2013—Columbia Law School Professor Eben Moglen offered his views on the history and consequences of government surveillance—spanning the Roman Empire, leaker Edward Snowden, and the centuries in between—in the first lecture of a four-part series called “Snowden and the Future.” 

Professor Eben Moglen
In his Oct. 9 presentation, Moglen, an expert on computers, privacy, and the Constitution and a vocal proponent of anonymous communications, said U.S. surveillance has been “unchain[ed]” from the law, and that the loss of privacy is akin to the loss of freedom.
Moglen said Snowden, the former National Security Agency contractor who leaked data about U.S. surveillance practices to the press, “committed espionage on behalf of the human race.”
“He has told us what we need to know,” Moglen said, adding that now people must change the way they communicate.
The lecture series, which will address how the evolution of surveillance threatens democracy and how democracy can survive the need for security, among other topics, continues on October 30. Watch the entire first lecture.