Prolific Faculty: Books and Articles

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December 12, 2007 (NEW YORK) Columbia Law School faculty is prolific. Check here for a list of articles and books published by Law School faculty in 2007, and forthcoming publications in 2008 by professor name.
Full-Time Faculty
Jose E. Alvarez, Hamilton Fish Professor of International Law and Diplomacy
 - American Society of International Law monthly and newsletter president columns at
 - Book Review of Dan Sarooshi, International Organizations and Their Exercise of Sovereign Powers in the American Journal of International Law (2007)
 - “Introducing the Themes” (Introduction to Symposium on “Democratic Theory and International Law”) in the Victoria University of Wellington Law Review (2007)
 - “The Factors Driving and Constraining the Incorporation of International Law in WTO Adjudication” in The WTO at Ten: Governance, Dispute Settlement, and Developing Countries (Merit Janow, ed., 2007)
 - “Alternatives to International Criminal Justice” in The Oxford Companion to International Criminal Justice (A. Cassese, ed., 2007)
 - ALegal Perspectives@ in The Oxford Handbook on International Organizations (T. Weiss, S. Daws, eds., 2007)
 - “Implications for the Future of International Investment Law,” in Coherence and Consistency in International Investment Law (Karl Sauvant, ed., 2007)
 - AThe Future of Our Society@ (Presidential Address, Annual Meeting) (forthcoming in American Society of International Law, Proceedings of the 101st Annual Meeting, 2007)
 - Institutionalized Legalization and the Asia-Pacific ‘Region’@ in New Zealand Journal of Public and International Law (2007)
 - AInternational Organizations: Accountability or Responsibility?@ (Address to appear in Canadian Council of International Law, Proceedings of the Annual Meeting, 2007)
Vivian O. Berger, Nash Professor Emerita of Law
 - “Taxation of Damages: End the Inequity” (Sept. 17, 2007) and “Coop Board Rejections: Shed Light on Them” (June 25, 2007) in the National Law Journal
- “After the Handshake: Don’t Let Settlements Evaporate” AC Resolutions, the magazine of the Association for Conflict Resolution (December 2007)
- Introduction, The Rita and Jacob Berger Collection (2007) (art catalogue).
- “Half a Loaf Is Worse,” National Law Journal (Nov. 19, 2007)
Jagdish Bhagwat, University Professor
- “Why the Trade Talks Collapsed” (with Arvind Panagariya) Wall Street Journal (July 7, 2007)
Sarah H. Cleveland, Louis Henkin Professor of Human and Constitutional Rights
 - “Foreign Authority, American Exceptionalism, and the Dred Scott Case” in the Chicago-Kent Law Review
 - “The Legacy of Louis Henkin: Human Rights in the ‘Age of Terror,’”an interview with Sarah H. Cleveland, in the Columbia Human Rights Law Review 
Michael Doyle, Harold Brown Professor of U.S. Foreign and Security Policy
-  Making War and Building Peace: United Nations Peace Operations, with Nicholas Sambanis (Princeton: Princeton University Press, 2006).
- ‘The Liberal Peace, Democratic Accountability, and the Challenge of
      Globalization,” in Globalization Theory:  Approaches and Controversies, (D. Held, A. Grew, eds., 2007) pp.190-206,  [a revision of “A  More Perfect Union” supra].
- “Building Peace: The John W. Holmes Lecture,” Global Governance 13:1 (Jan- Mar., 2007), pp. 1-15.
- “No Easy Choices: Estimating the Effects of United Nations Peacekeeping,” with Nicholas Sambanis, International Studies Quarterly 51 (2007) pp. 217-226.
- “Peacekeeping Operations,” with Nicholas Sambanis, in Thomas Weiss and  Samuel Daws, eds., The Oxford Handbook on the United Nations (Oxford: Oxford University Press, 2007) pp. 323-48.
- “The UN Record on Peacekeeping Operations,” with Nicholas Sambanis, International Journal LXII, 3 (Summer 2007), pp. 495-518.
-  “Iran,” Dissent (Winter 2007), pp. 77-78.
“How Should Sovereignty be Defended?” in Christopher Bickerton, Philip Cunliffe, Alexander Gourevitch, eds., Politics without Sovereignty (London: University College London Press, 2007) pp.189-92.
Elizabeth F. Emens, Associate Professor of Law
- “Changing Name Changing: Framing Rules and the Future of Marital Names” in The University of Chicago Law Review (Summer 2007)
 Jeffrey Fagan, Professor of Law & Public Health
 - Legitimacy, Criminal Justice, and the State in Comparative Perspective (with Tom R. Tyler, Anthony Braga, Tracey Meares, Robert J. Sampson and Christopher Winship, eds.) Russell Sage Foundation Press (2008)
- “McClesky at 20” (with M. Bahkshi) in the Columbia Human Rights Law Review (2007)
- “Punishment, Deterrence and Social Control: The Paradox of Punishment in Minority Communities” (with T. Meares) in the Ohio State Journal of Criminal Law (forthcoming, 2008) and also published in Public Law and Legal Theory Working Paper Program, Legal Scholarship Network at
- “Legitimacy, Compliance and Cooperation: Procedural Justice and Citizen Ties to the Law” (with T. Tyler) in the Ohio State Journal of Criminal Law (forthcoming, 2008)
 - “Rational Choice and Developmental Influences on Recidivism among Adolescent Felony Offenders” (with A. Piquero) in the Journal of Empirical Legal Studies (December 2007)
 - “End Natural Life Sentences for Juveniles” in Criminology and Public Policy (November 2007)
 - “An Analysis of the NYPD’s Stop-and-Frisk Policy in the Context of Claims of Racial Bias” (with A. Gelman and A. Kiss) in the Journal of the American Statistical Association (2007)
 - “The Paradox of the Drug Elimination Program in New York City Public Housing” (with G. Davies and J. Holland) in the Georgetown Journal of Poverty, Law & Policy (2007)
-“Social Contagion of Violence” (with D. Wilkinson and G. Davies), pp. 688-723 in The Cambridge Handbook of Violent Behavior (D. Flannery et al, eds.), Cambridge University Press (2007)
-“Model Uncertainty and the Deterrent Effect of Capital Punishment” (with E.S. Cohen-Cole, S.D. Durlauf, and D. Nagin), American Law & Economics Review (forthcoming, 2008)
George Fletcher, Cardozo Professor of Jurisprudence
- Defending Humanity: When Force Is Justified and Why (with Jens David Ohlin) (Oxford University Press, 2008)
Merritt Fox, Michael E. Patterson Professor of Law
 - “Gatekeepers: Why Important, What to Do” in the Michigan Law Review (2008)
Jane Ginsburg, Morton L. Janklow Professor of Literary and Artistic Property Law and Co-Director of the Kernochan Center for Law, Media and the Arts
- Trademark and Unfair Competition Law (and Teacher’s Manual) (with Jessica Litman '83 and Mary L. Kevlin) Foundation Press (4th edition, 2007)
- Copyright: Cases and Materials (2007 Supplement to 7th edition) (with R.A. Reese) (Foundation Press)
- “Of Mutant Copyrights, Mangled Trademarks, and Barbie’s Beneficence: The Influence of Copyright on Trademark Law” in Trademark Law and Theory: A Handbook of Contemporary Research (with Graeme B. Dinwoodie '00 J.S.D. and Mark D. Janis) (2008), available at
- “The Pros and Cons of Strengthening Intellectual Property Protection: Technological Protection Measures and Section 1201 of the U.S. Copyright Act” in Information and Communications Technology Law (UK 2007), available at
- “A Marriage of Convenience? A Comment on the Protection of Databases” in the Chicago-Kent Law Review (2007)
Harvey J. Goldschmid '65, Dwight Professor of Law
 - 2007 Supplement to Cases and Materials on Trade Regulation (Foundation Press, 5th edition) (with Robert Pitofsky and Diane P. Wood)
Benjamin L. Liebman, Director of the Center for Chinese Legal Studies
 - “China’s Courts: Restricted Reform” in The China Quarterly, Vol. 191 (September 2007)
 - “Chinese Network Justice” in Chicago Journal of International Law (with Professor Tim Wu) Vol.8, No. 1 (Summer 2007)
 - “China’s Courts: Restricted Reform” in Columbia Journal of Asian Law (Winter 2008)
Clarisa Long, Max Mendel Shaye Professor of Intellectual Property Law
- “The Political Economy of Trademark Dilution,” in Trademark Law and Theory: A Handbook of Contemporary Research (Graeme B. Dinwoodie & Mark D. Janis, eds.)
  (Edward Elgar Publishers, 2008)
- "Our Uniform Patent System," in Federal Lawyer (forthcoming, 2007)
Louis Lowenstein ’53, Simon H. Rifkind Professor Emeritus of Finance & Law
- The Investor’s Dilemma: How Mutual Funds Are Abusing Your Trust and What to Do About It (John Wiley and Sons, 2008)
Ronald Mann, Professor of Law
- “The Disputed Quality of Software Patents” (with John R. Allison) in the Washington University Law Review
- “Software Patents, Incumbents, and Entry” (with John R. Allison and Abe Dunn) in the Texas Law Review  
- “The Supreme Court, the Solicitor General, and Bankruptcy: BFP v. Resolution Trust Corporation” in Bankruptcy Stories(Robert K. Rasmussen, ed.)
- “Just Until Payday” (with Jim Hawkins) in the UCLA Law Review
- “Patents, Venture Capital, and Software Startups” (with Thomas W. Sager) in Research Policy
- “Bankruptcy Reform and the ‘Sweat Box’ of Credit Card Debt”in the Illinois Law Review
Petros Mavroidis, Edwin B. Parker Professor of Foreign and Comparative Law
- Trade in Goods, Oxford University Press (2007)
- The Law and Economics of Contingent Protection (with Patrick A. Messerlin and Jasper-Martijn Wauters) (Elgar Publishing, 2007)
- The World Trade Organization (with Bernard M. Hoekman) (Routledge Press, 2007)
- WTO Law and Developing Countries (with George Bermann) (Cambridge University Press, 2007) 
Ed Morrison, Professor of Law
- “Bankruptcy Decision Making: An Empirical Study of Continuation Bias in Small Business Bankruptcies” in the Journal of Law and Economics
- “Timbers of Inwood Forest, the Economics of Rent, and the Evolving Dynamics of Chapter 11” in Bankruptcy Law Stories (Foundation Press)
Nathaniel Persily, Professor of Law
- “The Promise and Pitfalls of the New Voting Rights Act” in the Yale Law Journal
- Public Opinion and Constitutional Controversy (co-edited with Patrick Egan and Jack Citrin) (Oxford Press)
Daniel Richman, Professor of Law
- “Decisions about Coercion: The Corporate Attorney-Client Privilege Waiver Problem” in the DePaul Law Review
- “Judging Untried Cases” the University of Pennsylvania Law Review PENNumbra (2008)
- “Institutional Competence and Organization Prosecutions” in the Virginia Law Review in Brief(2007)
Carol Sanger, Barbara Aronstein Black Professor of Law
- Family Law Stories (Foundation Press, 2008) (includes essays by Professors Ariela Dubler and Suzanne Goldberg and Solangel Maldonado ’96)
Karl P. Sauvant, Executive Director of the Columbia Program on International Investment
-The Rise of Transnational Corporations from Emerging Markets: Threat or Opportunity (Edward Elgar Publishing, Ltd., 2008)
- Appeals Mechanism in International Investment Disputes (Oxford University Press, 2008)
- “Regulatory Risk and the Growth of FDI” in World Investment Prospects to 2011: Foreign Direct Investment and the Challenge of Political Risk (co-published by the Economist Intelligence Unit, 2007)
- Appeals Mechanism in International Investment Disputes (Oxford University Press, Spring 2008)
Robert E. Scott, Alfred McCormack Professor of Law
- Contract Law and Theory (with Jody S. Kraus) (Lexis, 4th ed., 2007)
 - Payment Systems and Credit Instruments (with Clayton P. Gillette,
Robert E. Scott & Alan Schwartz, 2d ed., Foundation Press, 2007)
Jane M. Spinak, Edward Ross Aranow Clinical Professor of Law
- “Foreword: Framing Family Court Through the Lens of Accountability,” in Columbia Journal of Law and Social Problems, Symposium Issue on New York City Family Court (Summer 2007)
- “When Did Lawyers for Children Stop Reading Goldstein, Freud and Solnit? Lessons from the 20th Century on Best Interests and the Role of the Child Advocate,”in Family Law Quarterly (Summer 2007)
- “Romancing the Court,” in the Family Court Review ( April 2008)
Peter L. Strauss, Betts Professor of Law
- “Overseer or ‘The Decider’ – The President in Administrative Law” in 75 George Washington Law Review 696 (2007)
- “The Presidential Signing Statements Controversy” (with Ronald A. Cass) in the 16 William & Mary Bill of Rights Journal No. 1 (December 2007)
- “Norm Creation in the European Union” (with Turner Smith and Lucas Bergkamp) forthcoming in European Union Administrative Law in (George Bermann, et al ) “Overseers or ‘The Deciders’
– The Courts in Administrative Law” forthcoming in the University of Chicago Law Review
- “The Perils of Theory” in the Notre Dame Law Review
- “Clark Byse” forthcoming in the Harvard Law Review
Susan P. Sturm, George M. Jaffin Professor of Law and Social Responsibility
- “International Union, U.A.W. v. Johnson Controls: The History of Litigation Alliances and Mobilization to Challenge Fetal Protection Policies” (with Carrie Bettinger-Lopez ‘YR) in Civil Rights Stories (Myriam Gilles and Risa Golubov, eds.) (Foundation Press)
William F. Young, James L. Dohr Professor of Law Emeritus
- Insurance Cases and Materials (with Eric M. Holmes) (Foundation Press, 3rd edition, 2007)
Mary Zulack, Director of Clinical Education
- “If You Prompt Them They Will Rule: The Warranty of Habitability Meets New Court Information Systems” in the John Marshall Law Review
Visiting and Adjunct Faculty and Fellows
Caroline Bettinger-López
 - “The Dominican Republic: Grant Full Citizenship to All Born in the Country” (with Indira Goris), an op-ed in The Miami Herald (June 9, 2007)
- “Protection from Domestic Violence: Time to Set a New Standard,” an op-ed in the National Law Journal (Oct. 22, 2007)
- “Hebrew with a Cuban Accent” in Cuba: The Idea of a Nation Displaced (Andrea Herrera, ed.) (State University of New York Press, 2007)
- “International Union, U.A.W. v. Johnson Controls: The History of Litigation Alliances and Mobilization to Challenge Fetal Protection Policies” (with Professor Susan Sturm) in Civil Rights Stories (Risa Goluboff, ed.) (forthcoming from Foundation Press)
-“Jessica Gonzales v. United States: An Emerging Model for Domestic Violence & Human Rights Advocacy in the United States” in the Harvard Human Rights Law Journal (Spring 2008)
Sherry Colb
 - When Sex Counts: Making Babies and Making Law (Rowan & Littlefield)
 - Her columns continue to appear on
John Leubsdorf
- “Preliminary Injunctions: In Defense of the Merits” in the Fordham Law Review
W. Bentley MacLeod
- “Performance Pay and Wage Inequality (with Thomas Lemieux and Daniel Parent) in the Quarterly Journal of Economics
- “Contracts between Firms” (with Jim Malcomson) in the Handbook of Labor Economics (Robert Gibbons and John Roberts, eds.)
- “Employment Protection, Bonus Pay and Labor Market Performance” (with Armin Falk and David Human (Institute for the Study of Labor, Bonn)
- “Optimal Contracting in the Shadow of the Law” (with Surajeet Chakravary) in the Rand Journal of Economics
Amnon Rubinstein
- “The Decline, but not Demise, of Multiculturalism” in the Israel Law Review (January 2008)
Olivier De Schutter
- “Fundamental Rights and the Transformation of Governance in the European Union” in the Cambridge Yearbook on European Legal Studies (2007)
- “Les Affaires Total et Unocal : Complicité et Extraterritorialité en
Matière d’Imposition aux Entreprises d’Obligations en Matière de Droits
de l’Homme” in Annuaire Français de Droit International (2006)
Jane Stapleton
- “Benefits of Comparative Tort Reasoning: Lost in Translation” in the Journal of Tort Law (2007)
- “Liability for Drugs in the U.S. and E.U.: Rhetoric and Reality” in the Review of  Litigation (2007)
David L. Trueman
 - "External Review Laws and Clinical Trial Mandates"  in Health Law Handbook, 2008 Edition (Alice G. Gosfield, ed.) St. Paul, MN: D.C.: West Group,  forthcoming 2008)
- " Pain Management and Managed Care: Managing the System in Ethical Issues in Chronic Pain Management (Michael E. Schatman, ed.) New York: Taylor & Francis (2007)