Professor Patricia J. Williams Honored by Center for Gender and Sexuality Law

Symposium Featured Discussion and Analysis of Williams' Work

New York, March 26, 2013—Columbia Law School Professor Patricia J. Williams was honored for her pioneering scholarship on sexual and racial justice by the Center for Gender and Sexuality Law during a day-long conference. 

Leading public intellectuals on issues of racial, sexual, and criminal justice paid tribute to Williams, who 25 years ago wrote the influential essay, "On Being the Object of Property.” Over the years—through her teaching, writing, and research—Williams has provoked others to rethink the relationship of race to gender, property to personhood, law to narrative, and DNA testing to racial ethics. In 2000, Williams was awarded a “genius” fellowship by the MacArthur Foundation.
Professor Patricia J. Williams,
James L. Dohr Professor of Law

Co-directors of the Center for Gender and Sexuality Law, Professors Suzanne B. Goldberg and Katherine Franke; assistant director Lauren Gutterman

 Columbia Law School Professor Olati JohnsonGail Wright Sirmans and Columbia Law School Professor Theodore M. Shaw Columbia Law School Professor Kendall Thomas
 (left to right) Columbia Law School Professors Katherine M. Franke and Professor Olati Johnson; Brandies University Professor Anita Hill; Honoree Professor Patricia J. Williams; Smith College Professor Paula J. Giddings; and UC Santa Cruz Professor Gina Dent