Kinship, Friendship, and Citizenship

Three Public Lectures on Kinship, Friendship and Citizenship

Wednesday, October 8th - 5:00 pm: "Transnational Adoption and Queer Diasporas"; David Eng, Professor of English, Rutgers University

Tuesday, October 21st - 5:00 pm: "Friendship and Politics: A Tentative Reconstruction"; Gianfrancesco Zanetti, Professor of Law, University of Modena, Italy

Tuesday, November 11th - 5:00 pm: "Globalization, Kinship, and Human Rights: The Female Inheritance Movement in Hong Kong"; Sally Engle Merry, Professor of Anthropology and Marion Butler McLean Professor in the History of Ideas, Wellesley College

All lectures will be held at Columbia Law School, Jerome Greene Hall - 116th & Amsterdam. For more information, please call 854-2511.