Jeong-Ho Roh Joins Experts to Reframe Northeast Asian Power Dynamics

Jeong-Ho Roh Joins Experts to Reframe Northeast Asian Power Dynamics


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New York, Dec. 9, 2011—Jeong-Ho Roh, director of Columbia Law School’s Center for Korean Legal Studies, joined distinguished guests and experts for a recent conference titled “Power Shifts in Northeast Asia.” The event was co-sponsored by Columbia University’s Center for Korean Research and the Institute for Peace Affairs, Seoul.


Professor Roh (above) focused his discussion of power shifts on the legal aspects of the division of North and South Korea. He argued that before any changes in the relationship or reunification between the two separated states can be considered, the ongoing war between North and South Korea must be legally ended. Only then can the two states, as well as other regional and international powers, reach a productive dialogue.

Roh is a recognized expert on North and South Korean legal relations, specializing in the development of constitutionalism and, as well as U.S. and East Asian international transactions. He served as legal advisor to the Korean Ministry of National Unification on the KEDO North Korean Light-water Reactor Project, and is a member of the Korean Ministry of Justice's New Round Legal Assistance Council.

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