Guarding the University

Guarding the University:
A Teach-In on ROTC, JAG, and the Relationship Between the Military & the Academy

Tuesday, April 5th, 5-8 p.m
Columbia Law School
Jerome Greene Hall, Room 102

Despite their non-compliance with Columbia Law School's non-discrimination policy, the JAG Corps of military lawyers is allowed to recruit on Columbia's campus, because of the de-funding threat posed by the Solomon Amendment to the entire University. Now, Solomon has been successfully challenged by other law schools, while the University has begun actively discussing the return of ROTC. As a result of these developments, there has been much debate recently regarding the presence of the military on Columbia's campus; similar debates are happening in the halls of Academia nationwide.

To the end of fostering a deeper understanding of the legal, social, and political meanings of these debates, the Columbia Law School Center for the Study of Law & Culture and Outlaws have organized a teach-in which will address a range of issues, including: the relationship between the university and the military (what it is, what it was, what it should be), the role of the university in challenging oppression, the (un)lawfulness of ‘don't ask, don't tell', the suspension of Columbia's non-discrimination policy, defining patriotism, protecting speech and association at the university, the Solomon Amendment, a class/race-based critique of the benefits of ROTC, and how students can respond in the face of these threats.

Opening Remarks:
Kendall Thomas - Professor, Columbia University School of Law

Confirmed Speakers:
Lewis Cole - Professor, Columbia School of Journalism
Suzanne Goldberg - Professor, Rutgers Law School, Columbia University School of Law
Sylvia Law - Professor, NYU Law School
Rosalind Morris - Professor, Columbia University, Dept. of Anthropology
Mary Nolan - Professor, NYU, Dept. of History
Joseph Steffan - Plaintiff, Steffan v. Cheney
Julia Wrigley - Professor, CUNY of Sociology
Representative - Service Members' Legal Defense Network

Sheila Foster - Professor, Fordham Law
Representative - Lambda Legal Defense

Each speaker will present for approximately 15 minutes.

Food and refreshments will be available.

Open to the public & the Press

Inquiries should be directed to Moez Kaba, [email protected].