Giving Thanks and Giving Pies


The fifth floor of William and June Warren Hall was packed with pies, cider, and hot chocolate this Thanksgiving week as members of the entire Columbia Law School community came together to celebrate Pie-giving. The annual tradition gives students, faculty, and staff the chance to share what they’re grateful for, and to give thanks to colleagues and friends.

“It’s easy to forget to say thank you to the people you see every day,” said Juliana Utley, associate director of the Office of Student Services, which hosts the two-day festivity. “This event is a time to remember that we enjoy each other’s company.”

Pie-giving is a simple premise with a lot of heart. After choosing from an enticing selection of mini pies—apple, pumpkin, and blueberry, to name a few—participants write out and attach a thank you note to the chosen one, creating a “pie-gram” that they deliver personally to their intended recipients. In addition to saying thanks with individual pies, many fifth-floor visitors also shared their gratitude by creating small signs and posting them to the walls surrounding the Student Services offices.

During Pie-giving, members of the Law School community were also invited to Warren Hall to sit and catch-up with each other, while enjoying pie and other refreshments. Once the Law School resumes classes after Thanksgiving, Utley said, focus will shift to final exams and papers—making it important to create a fun and communal atmosphere around the holiday. “It’s a nice thing to do,” said Julio Martinez ’17 LL.M., who, as a student from Mexico, will be celebrating his first Thanksgiving this year. “It’s a way of remembering who we like and who we love.”

You can view more photos from Pie-Giving by following Student Services on Twitter and Instagram.



Posted November 22, 2016