Columbia Law Students Debate the Alito Court on NPR

'Generation Alito' show discusses the Supreme Court with Columbia Law Students

NEW YORK, NY - Four students from Columbia Law School participated in a radio debate on National Public Radio's Open Source show hosted by Christopher Lydon. The show, "Generation Alito," discussed the Alito confirmation and the Roberts-Alito Court.

Blaine Evanson '06, Samantha Harper '07, Peter Romer-Friedman '06 and Spencer Marsden '06 participated int the discussion. Highlights included Peter Romer-Friedman's comments on how Alito and the Roberts court will likely approach issues of workers' rights, and the state of labor and employment law in America. The students say it was a lively discussion, filled with idealism on both the left and right about the direction of the Court and the country.

The full interview is available online at:

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