Columbia Law School Professors Among Speakers at Legal Philosophy Conference in Beijing


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New York, Sept. 14, 2009 – Two Columbia Law School professors are among the speakers at the annual meeting this week of the world’s leading scholars on legal and social philosophy.
Joseph Raz, the Thomas M. Machioce Professor of Law, is one of the keynote speakers at the World Congress of the International Association for Philosophy of Law and Social Philosophy, being held in Beijing.
Raz’ address is entitled “Individual Rights in World Order.”
Also in Beijing is Curtis Milhaupt, Professor of Comparative Corporate Law and the Fuyo Professor of Japanese Law, who will deliver a lecture based on his book – written with Katharina Pistor, the Michael I. Sovern Professor of Law, called Law and Capitalism: What Corporate Crises Reveal about Legal Systems and Economic Growth Around the World.
Milhaupt said he will attempt to draw policy lessons for legal reform in China based on a new way to think about how legal systems around the world differ and how law supports market activity.

In addition to the IVR conference, Milhaupt will also present at the Hongfan Institute of Law and Economics in Beijing a project on high economic growth under authoritarian political regimes as part of a workshop under the direction of prominent Chinese legal scholar Liang Zhiping.

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