Columbia Law School, Columbia University Earth Institute Relaunch Center on Sustainable Investment

Center to Host Two-Week Extractive Industries Training and Workshop on Negotiation Support in June

New York, May 21, 2014—Columbia Law School and the Earth Institute, Columbia University have relaunched the Columbia Center on Sustainable Investment (CCSI), formerly known as the Vale Columbia Center on Sustainable International Investment (VCC). CCSI develops practical approaches and solutions to maximize the impact of international investment for sustainable development, focusing in particular on investment law and policy and sustainable investments in land and extractive industries.

The relaunch comes ahead of two important events at the Center. The first, a two-week executive training program on extractive industries and sustainable development, begins on June 9. The program will emphasize the interdisciplinary nature of resource-based development. Participants from 18 countries around the world will work through case studies with practitioners and experts, acquiring a set of analytical tools for the unique contexts of extractive industries in their home countries.
The second event is an international workshop on knowledge-sharing and coordination of support for developing countries in preparing for, as well as negotiating, implementing, and monitoring large-scale investments in land and extractive industries. The workshop is supported by the United States and Australian governments, and will include participation from the Canadian, British, French, German and several host governments, along with experts and practitioners from around the world, including from the World Bank and African Development Bank.
Along with the new name, CCSI has also launched a new website with a wealth of resources including research, publications, and tools for practitioners and others working to promote sustainable investment.
CCSI’s new name reflects the diversified support it has cultivated over the past several years with a number of partners in the public and private sectors. The center was founded by Karl Sauvant in 2008, thanks to a gift from Vale to Columbia University. Today, it partners with public, private, and civil society organizations around the world and regularly:
  • produces innovative applied research
  • conducts trainings
  • holds classes for Columbia students
  • advises governments and other stakeholders on key policy questions
  • hosts conferences and workshops on important policy-related issues
  • develops tools and resources to advance sustainable international investment

Operating as a joint entity of Columbia Law School and The Earth Institute at Columbia University since 2008, CCSI is dedicated to the study, practice, and discussion of sustainable international investment. Under the direction of Lisa Sachs ’08, CCSI integrates expertise in law, economics, and investment. The center promotes knowledge sharing with a vast network of policy makers, development advocates, scholars, business leaders, and community stakeholders to maximize the sustainable development potential of international investment.

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