Columbia Law Review Names New Board for 2010-11

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New York, Feb. 22, 2010 – The Columbia Law Review, one of the world’s leading sources of legal scholarship, Monday announced its new administrative board that will lead the publication in the 2010-11 academic year.
All members of the board are part of Columbia Law School’s Class of 2011.
The Review, the third-most widely circulated and cited law review in the U.S. has been published since 1901, and is one of the few student-edited law reviews that publish eight times a year. It selects 20-25 manuscripts from about 2,000 submissions received each year.
The board members are:
Farhang Heydari, Editor-in-Chief
Mai Ratakonda, Executive Articles Editor
Neta Levanon, Executive Essay & Review Editor
Caroline K. Elkin, Executive Managing Editor
Tejas N. Narechania, Executive Notes Editor
Philip J. Kehl, Executive Sidebar Editor

Articles Committee
Peter M. Aronoff
Caleb M. Deats
Diarra M. Guthrie
Adam Klein
Alex B. Lemann
Mark P. Musico

Essay and Review Committee
Justin C. Clarke
Christopher M. Payne
Jonathan D. Wong

Managing Editors
C. Mitchell Hendy
Matthew R. Huppert
Michael C. McGinnis
Melissa C. Monteleone

Notes Committee
Pooja R. Dadhania
Mark W.S. Hobel
Sarah G. Littlechild
Michael I. Overmyer

Sidebar Committee
G. Russ McCracken, Jr. 
Jessica L. Soto
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