Becoming Change Agents

Social Justice Initiatives Kicks Off Series on "Lawyering for Change in a Changing World," Showcasing Opportunities for Public Service at Columbia Law School
New York, September 10, 2014—Students got a taste of Columbia Law School’s opportunities for public service at the first installment of Social Justice Initiatives “Lawyering for Change in a Changing World” series on Sept. 8 in Drapkin Lounge.

After an introduction from Professors Olatunde Johnson, Suzanne B. Goldberg and Susan Sturm, students heard a range of presentations on work the Law School community is taking on, from advocating for human rights and fighting prejudice on the basis of race and sexual orientation to attacking public corruption and developing legal frameworks for sustainable international investment.

Social Justice Initiatives (SJI), headed by Ellen P. Chapnick, connects Columbia Law School students and graduates with opportunities in public
interest, government, and legal volunteer work, in addition to offering an array of programming regarding careers, pro bono projects, and challenges to address. SJI also implements and oversees the Law School’s externship program, and links the community to an extensive network of social justice organizations and practitioners around the world.
“Our hope for the ‘Lawyering for Change’ series is that this will be a space for collaboration,” said Sturm, founding director of the Center for Institutional and Social Change. “As students, faculty, staff, lawyers, and the community working on problems together, we will be building a conversation on building a curriculum for social justice and change-oriented work.”
The next installment in the “Lawyering for Change in a Changing World” series is scheduled for next month.