Awards and Honors: Columbia Law Students Recognized for Outstanding Academic Achievement

Students Recognized for Achievements During 2008-2009

New York, July 28, 2009 – Columbia Law School is pleased to announce the awarding of prizes to continuing students for their excellent achievements during the 2008-2009 academic year (unless otherwise indicated). This follows the graduation announcement of prize winners from the Class of 2009.
Charles Bathgate Beck Prize, awarded annually to the student submitting the best examination paper in thecourse relating to the law of real property:
- Aileen Ann Nielsen ’11
Class of 1912 Prize, awarded annually to the first-year student(s) most proficient in the subject of contracts:
- Christopher Anthony Fasano ’11
- Christodoulos Kaoutzanis ’11
Archie O. Dawson Prize, awarded annually for proficiency in advocacy:
- Esha Bhandari ’10
Robert Stephen Haft Moot Court Prize, established in 1962 and awarded to the first-year student who submits the best brief in Moot Court:
- Danielle Rachel Hemple ’11
Paul R. Hays Prize, awarded annually to an outstanding first-year student in civil procedure:
- Christopher Mitchell Hendy ’11
Richard J. Lipson and Paul S. Lipson Prize, awarded annually to two first-year law students showing thegreatest proficiency in the subject of contracts:
- Reuben Alexander Grinberg ’11
- Anne Elissa Lieberman ’11
Irell & Manella Prize, awarded to a student whose outstanding leadership and good citizenship helped to create a sense of community and engagement among his/her peers during the first year of law school:
- Kahlil Charles Williams ’11
 Jerome Michael Jury Cup, awarded for the best trial advocacy:
- James M. Jimmerson ’10
Simon H. Rifkind Prize, awarded for the best overall performance in the first-year moot court program atColumbia Law School:
- Kerry Ann Carroll ’11
Young B. Smith Prize, awarded annually to the first-year(s) student most proficient in the law of torts:
- Reuben Alexander Grinberg ’11
- Gregory Kenneth Johnson ’11
Robert Noxon Toppan: Awarded annually to the student(s) in the School of Law who submit the best writtenexamination to the professor of Constitutional Law, based on regulations established by the Faculty of Law:
- Keith Daniel Edelman ’11
- Alanna Gayle Kaufman ’11
Jeffrey Williams Memorial Prize for Critical Rights Analysis, awarded annually to the student who writesthe best paper in critical theory:
- Jeannie J. Chung ’10
“An Identity or a Condition? The Theory and Practice of Applying State Disability Laws to Transgender Individuals.”
Harold Brown Book Prize, awarded annually, for the purchase of books, to two or more first-year studentswho attended Columbia College:
- Nicholas Andrew Flath ’11
- Ian Alexander Jay ’11
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