Apr. 1, 2004

6:30-8:30p.m.; Jerome Greene Hall, Room 103

Synopsis: Civil rights lawyers talk about what Brown meant for racial, ethnic and group movements and its relevance to the Civil Rights struggles of today.

Cesar Perales, President and General Counsel, Puerto Rican Legal and Educational Defense Fund (Chair)
Marianne Engelman Lado, General Counsel, New York Lawyers for the Public Interest
Dennis Parker, Assistant Attorney General, Civil Rights Office
Kathy Rodgers, President, NOW Legal Defense and Education Fund
Evan Wolfson, Executive Director, Freedom to Marry

Brown v. Board of Ed. Links:

General Information
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The Mystery of Brown (March 25, 2004)
Equality: Further Issues (April 1, 2004)
Fairness and Equality in Criminal Justice (April 14, 2004)
Brown and the Law of Other Nations (Oct. 21, 2004)