Animal Use and Animal Treatment

Press Contact:
Elizabeth Schmalz
(212) 854-2156
Current thinking about the moral and legal status of “nonhuman” animals increasingly splits between two approaches – animal welfare or animal rights. Should we use animals at all or should their treatment be better regulated?
Columbia Law School will consider the implications of each approach during an academic workshop sponsored by the Bob Barker Fund for the Study of Animal Rights and the School’s Feminist Theory Workshop. 
Rutgers School of Law Professor Gary Francione will be the guest speaker. He has been at the center of the animal rights movement for almost three decades. He writes in favor of abolishing the use of animals, outright, and questions whether working for their better treatment only reinforces 200-year-old philosophical beliefs that humans ultimately hold dominion over animals. Columbia’s Barbara Aronstein Black Professor of Law Carol Sanger will host the event.
The distinction between use and treatment of animals that has led to the recent evolution in legal and moral thought on the topic will be presented in an academic environment tempered by scholarly discussion.
WHO:        Professor Gary Francione, Rutgers University School of Law
WHAT:      Feminist Theory Workshop on Animal Use and Animal Treatment
WHEN:      Tuesday, April 3, 2007
                   4:10 to 6:15 p.m.
WHERE:   Columbia Law School
                 Jerome Greene Annex, First Floor Lounge
                 435 W. 116th Street (Amsterdam)