2019 Postgraduate Fellowships

Hilary R. Rosenthal ’19 awarded Leonard H. Sandler Fellowship at Human Rights Watch (HRW).

Hilary R. Rosenthal ’19
Undergraduate Degree: B.A. in environmental studies from Brown University

Experience: MSNBC, legal correspondent intern; Earthjustice, law clerk; U.S. Department of State, intern; Peace Corps, volunteer; WBUR, music director; Columbia Human Rights Law Review, executive articles editor; Columbia Law School Mediation Clinic

Motivation: “As I was growing up, I always found that the outdoors was a safe space for me and helped me pursue my own path to leadership and advocacy, despite being told by others I would not be suitable for those types of pursuits. I worked on conservation projects with people from all walks of life and eventually led backpacking trips in college as part of a leadership program. I took this interest with me to work in the Peace Corps in Paraguay, where I worked with an indigenous community as well as with young people across the country, in environmental conservation and stewardship. The cross-cultural exchange and technical experiences in that endeavor helped me realize I love working with people on a project and that environmental issues are so important because they relate to all of our rights: health, economics, education, and so much more.”

Goals: “I spent my years before law school working with grassroots communities to engender ways to overcome human rights abuses and inequalities, though primarily via a journalistic lens and on-the-ground settings. My impetus to go to law school was to gain a set of tools to understand the language of change to promote equality on a grander scale, particularly in the intersection of environmental law and human rights. At Human Rights Watch, I will be able to put these tools into action.”

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Published on March 18, 2019