2004 Annual Law and Philosophy Lecture

Annual Law and Philosophy Lecture -- Frances Kamm

Sponsored by:
The Center for Law and Philosophy
Law School, Room 103
Wednesday, April 7
5.30 p.m.

FRANCES KAMM is a leading moral philosopher and one of this country's most profound and highly regarded thinkers in bioethics. The work that she has done on philosophical issues about life and death is without equal in its combination of imagination and philosophical rigor. Professor Kamm's two-volume work Morality, Mortality: Death and Whom to Save From It, published by Oxford University Press in 1993 and 1996 was described in Ethics as "an imaginative, deeply engaging philosophical adventure." She is also the author of Creation and Abortion (Oxford University Press, 1992), and numerous articles in moral and political philosophy and practical ethics, including bioethics and public health issues. She is presently Littauer Professor of Philosophy at Harvard University. Before that she was Professor of Philosophy at New York University, with appointments also at NYU Law School and NYU Medical School. A graduate of Columbia University, she has taught at Barnard College, the University of Pennsylvania and Boston University Law Schools, and at Stanford, Princeton, and UCLA. She has held ACLS, AAUW, and Guggenheim fellowships, and has been a Fellow of the Program in Ethics and the Professions at the Kennedy School, the Center for Human Values at Princeton, and the Center for Advanced Study at Stanford. Professor Kamm is a member of the editorial boards of Philosophy & Public Affairs, Legal Theory, Bioethics, and Utilitas, and she has also been a consultant on ethics to the World Health Organization.

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