Staff Directory

Abed Aladien Library Assistant, Circulation [email protected] 212-853-3676
Jody Armstrong Associate Director [email protected] 212-854-3108
Tomas Aviles  Bibliographic Assistant, Finance, Acquisitions, and Resource Management [email protected] 212-853-3850    
Thomas Baker Coordinator for Electronic Resources [email protected] 212-854-6270
Clara Bondi Fee-Based Services Specialist [email protected] 212-854-5445
Nariné Bournoutian Systems and Electronic Resources Librarian [email protected] 212-854-4456
Simon Canick Director [email protected] 212-854-4228
Gilda Chiu-Ousland Head of Finance, Acquisitions, and Resource Management [email protected] 212-854-1404
Eric Deng Bibliographic Assistant, Finance, Acquisitions, and Resource Management [email protected] 212-853-4127
Rebecca Dent Reference Librarian and Lecturer in Law [email protected] 212-853-4042
Josh Freeman Reference Librarian and Lecturer in Law [email protected] 212-853-4026
Ageo Garcia Senior Cataloger [email protected] 212-853-4307
Philip Greene Library Assistant, Interlibrary Loan [email protected] 212-854-3744
Marc Hasen Library Assistant, Circulation [email protected] 212-853-3697
Jackson Healey Bibliographic Assistant, Cataloging [email protected] 212-853-4171
Jey Hernandez Law Library Specialist [email protected] 212-853-4696
Irina Kandarasheva Curator of Rare Books and Special Collections

[email protected]

Contact for access to historical material related to Columbia Law School.

Xiao-Min Li Cataloging Specialist [email protected] 212-853-3685
Samantha Lim Reference Librarian and Lecturer in Law [email protected] 212-853-3681
Corinne Maikarfi Library Assistant, Collection Maintenance  [email protected] 212-853-4214
Kaila McKiernan  Library Assistant, Circulation [email protected] 212-853-3680
Elzbieta Mokrzycki  Library Assistant, Collection Maintenance  [email protected]  212-853-3688
Mariana Newman Head of Public Services and Lecturer in Law [email protected] 212-854-8031
Christina Peter Head of Cataloging [email protected] 212-854-0093
Sadie Pettigrew Circulation and Access Manager

[email protected]

Contact for access to the Library.

Jerome Ramos Library Assistant, Circulation [email protected] 212-853-3677
Solangel Rosario Cataloger [email protected] 212-853-3684
Silke Sahl International, Comparative, and Foreign Law Librarian [email protected] 212-854-1411
Elena Soktoeva Library Assistant, Circulation [email protected] 212-853-3678
Carole Steinfeld Scholarship Archive Coordinator [email protected] 212-854-1396
Mercedes Suazo Head of Collection Maintenance, Off-site Storage, and Bindery [email protected] 212-851-2428
Amy Swartz Head of Library Technology [email protected] 212-853-3827
Luz Verguizas Assistant Director for Technical Services [email protected] 212-854-3719
Ilaura Walker  Fee-Based Services Coordinator [email protected] 212-854-1383
William Willis Bibliographic Assistant, Finance, Acquisitions, and Resource Management [email protected] 212-853-3683
R. Martin Witt Assistant Director for Special Projects [email protected] 212-854-1772
Nam Jin Yoon Reference Librarian and Lecturer in Law [email protected] 212-854-0492