Financial Aid for Visiting Students

Make sure your financial aid package follows you to Columbia Law School.

Welcome to Columbia Law School! Below is an overview of the financial aid process for visiting students.

If you need financial aid to meet your educational costs, you must arrange financial aid processing with your home institution. (Columbia Law School will not process any financial aid for you.) The home institution must forward a Consortium Agreement form to the Columbia Law School Financial Aid Office, confirming that they will process all financial aid for you. The Columbia Law School Financial Aid Office will complete the Consortium Agreement and verify your cost of attendance, dates of attendance, and enrollment status.

Typically, your home institution will forward the financial aid proceeds to our financial aid office, which will be applied toward your Columbia University tuition and fee charges. In some cases, however, your school may send loan proceeds directly to you, and you must apply them toward the payment of your Columbia University charges.

You can browse these resources for more details:

If you still have questions, please call the Financial Aid office at 212-854-6522. We look forward to welcoming you to the Law School.

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